There’s post to re-direct, boxes to pack, broadband to move – moving home can be overwhelming, stressful and downright difficult.

That’s why we’ve come up with this handy checklist to help you move with ease, making sure that when you move, your new house will be your home in no time.

Pens at the ready…

6 weeks before the move

• Pick a removal company and book a date for the move

• Or ask friends and family for their help and ‘book’ them in

• Move your BT services to your new home by clicking here and filling in your details.  For this online service, all you need is your BT account number, current telephone number, new address and moving date

• Have a clear out – use eBay to sell anything you no longer want or donate it to a charity shop

• Book temporary storage for anything you’re not taking straightaway

• Make sure your possessions are fully insured in transit

Top tip: Use to check if BT Infinity is available at your new address. If you’re moving to an area that has fibre broadband, you should be able to re-order BT Infinity.

Don’t worry if the new service hasn’t reached your new area yet; the availability checker will tell you what other BT Broadband products are available and what broadband speed you can expect.

Call BT Customer Care on 0800 800 150 to let them know when to stop your BT Infinity at your old address and agree on an installation date for BT Infinity at your new home.

3 weeks before the move

• Get packing! Start packing your non-essentials into boxes

• Inform your dentist and doctor that you’re moving out of the area

• Check your home insurance to make sure you’re covered from your move day

• Change the address of your TV licence

• Set up a mail re-direction to your new address

• Let any regular milk or food suppliers know your move date and cancel if necessary

• Confirm with the removal company that they have all the right details about your new home

Top tip: Worried about your telephone line? If you want telephone service at your new address, a new 12-month contract term will always apply for the telephone line.

Any un-used portion of Line Rental Saver that you paid at your old address, and any remaining contract term on a telephone calling plan will both carry over to your new address. Any time remaining on your existing broadband contract will be transferred to your new address if you take the same service there.

If the term on your broadband contract is less than three months, a new three-month contract will apply at your new address.

1 week before the move

• Tell your gas, water and electricity suppliers you’re moving

• Round up any spare keys for your current home from friends and neighbours

• Contact everyone who should know about the move – your bank, pension providers, employers, school, electoral register, council, DVLA and Inland Revenue

• Pack the rest of your belongings

• Try to use up any food and drink in the fridge that is perishable

• Arrange a time to collect your keys to your new home from the estate agents

Top tip: Not sure if you should pack your BT Home Hub or Openreach fibre modem? Here’s what to do: If you have a BT Home Hub, pack it up and take it with you. If you have an Openreach fibre modem, leave this for the people who move into your old address. BT will make sure you have all the relevant equipment as part of the installation at your new home.

And if you have BT TV, don’t forget to take all of the equipment – cables, Powerline Adapters (if you have them), filters and remote control - with you. If you’ve forgotten how to install BT TV yourself, don’t worry – we’ve got a downloadable installation guide for you.