Removing the shell from a hard-boiled egg can be a bit of a fiddly task.

You can often find the shell gets everywhere, or you can’t get those last little bits of shell off easily – or worse, you’re tucking into your egg and find a bit of shell still on it

But rather than using the laborious way of picking it off with your hands, we’ve found a pretty simple way to shake the shell off. All you need is a glass and a little bit of shake action:

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Step 1: Boil your egg(s) as normal

Step 2: Scoop out an egg and pop it in a glass (a short tumbler works best)

Step 3: Cover the egg in cold water to cool it down, then remove the water

Step 4: Place your hand over the top of the glass…

Step 5: …and shake! If you can, do this over a sink

Step 6: Keep shaking until the shell slides off

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