You might not have a Hollywood budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few creative cues from a Hollywood home for your own interior design.

Rather than poring over Pinterest, find your inspiration in yesteryear’s legendary stars and their houses, mansions and condos, as we take a peek inside their homes.

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From Elvis Presley to Elizabeth Taylor, here are our favourite design tips to inspire your next home makeover:

Marlene Dietrich, 1935

Interiors inspiration: Update your pine or wooden chest of drawers for mirrored, Art Deco-style ones for instant bedroom glam.

Joan Collins, 1956

Interiors inspiration: Liven up your lamps with sculptured bases.

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Clark Gable, 1932

Interiors inspiration: Loungewear is infinitely more stylish in white.

Elvis Presley, 1956

Interiors inspiration: Elvis was into blush pink before you were – take note of his table, lamp and record player. Make like the King and go all out with multiple pieces in the same colour.

Elizabeth Taylor, 1947

Interiors inspiration: Swap polish or anti-bacterial wipes to clean your ornaments for a simple damp cloth to remove dust, like Liz.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, 1953

Interiors inspiration: Don’t be afraid to use bulky furniture to fill a larger room; a multi-use cabinet like this one works well for books, momentos and photographs.

Marilyn Monroe, 1952

Interiors inspiration: Silk bedding is a chic bedfellow to other textured pieces like wool throws, sheepskin blankets and tweed.

Joan Fontaine, 1953

Interiors inspiration: Swap magnolia walls for charcoal, navy or deep khaki.

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William Holden and Brenda Marshall, 1955

Interiors inspiration: Take the current trend for all things botanical one step further with succulent printed sofas and grass-green carpets.

Kirk Douglas with son Michael, 1947

Interiors inspiration: Textured homeware, like this red sofa, doesn’t just mean white or neutral shades – look for brighter colours like green and pink or for a classic finish, black.