12 reasons why we all love Ikea

Well, if it’s good enough for William and Kate…

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Last updated: 31 January 2018 - 2.27pm

Where do you get a bed fit for a Princess? Well, that’s obvious – Ikea, of course!

As revealed on their tour of Sweden, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, are fans of Ikea (who isn’t?), and they’ve even used Ikea furniture for both Prince George’s and Princess Charlotte’s bedrooms.

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In many ways, it’s really no surprise that Will and Kate shop at Ikea, as – to be honest – it seems everyone does. But what is it about the Swedish brand that makes it such a universal hit, adored by royalty and ‘commoner’ alike? Here are 12 reasons why Ikea is King:

1. It’s basically adult Lego. You build, you have fun, and you get a massive sense of accomplishment when you’re done.

2. Delicious Swedish food – from the delectable meatballs to the mouth watering Daim cake, Ikea food is so good, it will make you want to move to Sweden.


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3. Simplistic, Swedish style. Enough said.

4. The magical adventure of wandering round the huge store following the omnipresent glowing arrows, and picking up things you probably don’t need on impulse along the way (ooh, but it’s only £4!).

5. Those big blue bags that come in so so useful. From laundry to storage to whatever else you need, those sturdy Ikea bags are nearly as useful as the items you’ve bought home in them.

6. They sell everything (well, almost), including those little weird wooden figures that you can re-arrange if you’re feeling particularly mischievous.

7. Cute instruction guides, that may elicit serious emotion.

8. Affordability. While we all end up leaving Ikea with more than we intended, the very reasonable prices mean it’s likely you’re still leaving with a sense of joy, rather than guilt at over-spending. Ikea purchases may be heavy in the car home, but they’re rarely too heavy on the pocket.

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9. They have a giant catalogue (twice as widely distributed as the actual bible!), which you can browse all day and never get bored.


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10. You can pretend you live in the showrooms. Unlike some places, you’re free to touch the displays and even relax on the sofas or beds.

11. Weird designs. While Ikea’s cornerstone is simplicity, some of their products are pretty, well, ‘out-there’.

12. The little free pencils. Because they’re just so darn cute. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Fun Fact: Ikea is actually (well, in Swedish) meant to be pronounced ‘ee-kay-uh’, not, ‘eye-key-ah’. Who knew!

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