Whether your home is your castle or just somewhere to lay your head after a day’s work, it seems most of us are staying put for now.

A recent survey by Inspired Wallpaper found that 87% of us, both homeowners and renters, weren’t planning to move in 2017.

So if your house or flat is looking a little tired around the edges and could do with some TLC, perhaps now is the time to do something about it.

Here’s how:

1. One step at a time: Few people have the time, cash or inclination to overhaul their entire house at once. To start with, focus on one room - or even one part of a room – that you might enjoy spending time in and want to put a bit of life back into.

2. First impressions count: Your hallway is the first thing that greets you and your guests as you enter. If it's drowning in a sea of coats and muddy boots, invest in a new coat rack and shoe tidy and make it a more welcoming place.

3. Soft touch: Introducing new soft furnishings is one of the simplest ways to breathe some new life into your home. Most of us spend a lot of time on the sofa at this time of year, so it’s a good idea to treat it to some new cushions and a cosy throw.

4. Lighten up: It’s amazing the difference lighting can make to a home – whether it’s brightening up your living room with an eye-catching floor lamp, or making the bedroom more mellow with some romantic mood lighting. Visit John Lewis (www.johnlewis.com) for inspiration.

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5. Take things personally: Personalisation is one of the hottest current home trends. Give your house your signature stamp with some monogrammed towels or personalised storage.

6. Room swap: If you have a pristine guest bedroom you’ve always preferred the decor in, or your kids have grown up, moved out and left behind a bedroom with a better view or more floor space than your own, why not reclaim it?

7. Sort out your storage: You may love your beautifully patterned carpet, but it’s hard to really appreciate it when it’s covered in clutter. Head to your local Ikea for some reasonably-priced storage solutions, and see the ground beneath your feet again.

8. You’ve been framed: Family is what makes a house a home, so celebrate yours by refreshing your photo collection and giving you some happy memories to look at. Visit Paperchase for some pretty and quirky framing options.

9. Wonder wall: a statement wall in a bold colour or interesting print can add interest to a bland room - and save you having to splash out on wallpaper or paint for all four walls.

10. Screen break: You can split up your larger rooms with a pretty screen, or a more substantial room divider. It will reinvent a space, and is also a useful way of covering up unsightly clutter.

11. Hut sweet hut: Who needs to move when you can enjoy a new house – well, a play one, at least – from the comfort of your old home? This beach hut and seaside playhouse from Kiddiewinkles will give your children a new space to let their imaginations run wild in.

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12. Make it work: It’s hard to keep your work and family life separate if your home is also your office – if those unwashed breakfast dishes are in your line of vision as you tap away at the kitchen table, or all the junk in the spare room is staring back as you try and fill in that spreadsheet. Try and carve out your own designated work space if you haven’t done so already, and save yourself a home-worker headache.

13. Wake up and smell the coffee: Estate agents are always telling sellers to infuse their homes with home baked bread and freshly brewed coffee to create a welcoming atmosphere. So why not give yourself the hard sell and remind yourself why you fell in love with your house (and enjoy a nice loaf or cuppa in the process)? The new Nespresso Creatista helps you make café-style coffee at home - and lets you dabble in some barista-style latte art .

14. Get the garden in order: If looking out at your garden has you groaning and pulling the curtains, there’s no better time to take action. Spring is coming, and even if you don’t fancy giving it the full Gardener’s World treatment, a little bit of weeding or mowing here and there could make it a decent place to soak up some sun (we hope).

15. Get crafty: If you’re good with your hands, you might enjoy making your own bunting or patchwork quilt to spruce up a room. Visit Hobbycraft for supplies.

What are your top tips for sprucing up your home? Tell us in the comments box below.