It's that chilly time of year when many of us are feeling under the weather and there's nothing more enticing than forgetting work and staying snuggled up under the duvet - especially on National Sickie Day, the day that, traditionally, sees the highest number of workers calling in sick.

Research shows more than a third of adults currently feel poorly, even more (38%) say they’d rather stay in bed than go out when it’s this cold and dark.

But whether you're truly ill, or just hiding from the miserable weather, you need a good duvet to snuggle under.

Here are five of the best duvets:

The Duvet Store Hungarian White Goose Down Duvet 

Described as ‘like sleeping in a warm cloud’, this light Hungarian-made duvet consists of 80% Hungarian white goose down and 20% small feather, in a soft cotton casing. Goose down offers excellent temperature regulation and moisture management. The duvet can be washed to 40 degrees and tumble dried, and bears a 'No Mite' label – an assurance it won't cause problems with dust mites or allergies.

Rooi Boutique Linen Goose Feather & Down Cotton Outer Duvet

Made from 85% goose down and 15% goose feathers for an extra-soft feel, this also features a piped cotton cover in a box construction to prevent cold spots. Priced from £119.95 for a double.

Premium Value Silentnight Deep Sleep 15 Tog Duvet

A synthetic duvet with an 80/20 polycotton cover and hollowfibre filling, this warm duvet is machine washable and guaranteed for five years. 

Gingerlily Silk-Filled Duvet – Winter Season Weight 

As silk is a natural heat conductor and a breathable fibre, the Mulberry silk floss filling adjusts to the body and to the ambient temperature of the room. Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic. The duvet can be buttoned together with a summer weight duvet or an all-seasons weight duvet for added warmth.

The Fine Bedding Company Spundown Duvet 

Snuggly and comfortable, this duvet has a quick-drying, soft-touch microfibre cover and contains Smartfil fibres, which means it can be washed at 60 degrees (the temperature that kills dust mites). The duvet will fit in a washing machine and the highly compressible fibres will return to their original plump shape after washing.

What do you look for in a duvet? Tell us in the Comments section below.