You probably knew her home inside out after watching episode after episode of Neighbours, but what’s Kylie Minogue’s actual home – not her Ramsay Street digs – like?

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As the singer and actress launches her latest collection for Kylie Minogue at Home, she reveals what life at home with Kylie is really like.

1. She can’t live without scent in her home

“I love, love, love to have scents in my house. Candles, diffusers or sprays.  I’ll admit I may be borderline obsessive about it. Perhaps in another life I was a perfumer as I’m super sensitive to it.”


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2. She relaxes in the bath

“Like most people, it can be difficult to unwind after a long day’s work, especially if that day’s work was endless hours in the studio or even more so, life on the road touring.  To help me relax I love a bath rich with scented oils.  I also love salt crystal lamps which deliver such a beautiful, soft light.”

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3. She uses throws to transform the look of a room

“A beautiful throw can change the whole look and feel of a bedroom. Even if you have the plainest bed sheet, a throw can always give some rich comfort or glamour.”


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4. She’s all about sentimental pieces

“I have a mix of modern vintage furniture, art and personal mementos in my bedroom. They all have sentimental value and I treasure them as they hold my memories and dreams.”

5. She was inspired by her travels for her latest homeware collection

“I find inspiration in so many places. I’m fortunate that my work and travels take me to such diverse places that there is always something new to see and be inspired by. Also, I’m constantly informed by the glamour and magic of stage shows, whether they be mine or another artist I love!”

Kylie Minogue at Home is available in stores and online now.