Working from home is a difficult one. Sure, you get to stay in bed work away wearing your pyjamas, and sure, the only person to make a tea round for is yourself. But, it can be difficult to stay motivated when in the same place you spend your downtime.

If this year you’re hoping to find ways to up your productivity levels when working at home, it might be helpful to change the decor and ‘vibe’ of your humble abode up a little to inspire a harder working you.

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Here are some tips, with thanks to Pottery Barn, in order to help you do just that.

1. Take inspiration from the stars

What better place to search for office interior inspiration than from the most successful people on the planet?

Ellen Degeneres opts for a big and beautiful home office desk.

Ellen Degeneres office graphic
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Arianna Huffington has a light and spacious office to work in.

Ariana Huffington office graphic
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Neil Gaiman’s office is built in a shed to help inspire his creativity.

Neil Gaiman's office graphic
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Martha Stewart keeps her office fun and minimalist.

Martha Stewart office graphic
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2. Comfort is important


Working well depends on how and where you sit, so it’s vital that your find yourself a decent spot on which to perch.

Find somewhere with plenty of natural light, as well as a clear and level work surface that allows you to keep your forearms level and your feet on the ground. Choose a chair that gives your back firm and comfortable support.

3. Turn on the light


Working in a bright, consistently lit environment is best for your eyes. Think tactically about where the light is in your office during working hours.

If you need to work at night, find a lamp that offers you something akin to daylight. Mirrors are also a great idea for making the most of the light available.

4. Go clutter-free


It may seem a simple thing, but imposing a bit of order and clearing out the clutter can be transformative.

Schedule times to keep on top of organisation, choose furniture with innovative storage solutions and make the most of digital filing alternatives where possible.

5. Appreciate colour


Colour is said to impact our mood and behaviour, so choosing the right shades for your home office design is important.

Darker or warmer colours promote an atmosphere of rest, while brighter, springtime colours feel more naturally invigorating and make the most of the light.

6. Change your habits

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Eat healthily, get out and about for regular walking breaks and take a sensible approach to stress.

Additionally, no comfy chair is going to make your day better if you don’t find your job workable or worthwhile.