7 ways to revamp your kitchen worktops without spending a fortune

Show your kitchen surfaces some TLC with our guide to giving them a budget-friendly DIY refresh.

As much as we’d love them, we can’t all afford to furnish our kitchen with marble worktops. But there are plenty of inexpensive ways to give your surfaces a freshen up…

1. Deep clean

An obvious one, but when was the last time you pulled the microwave and toaster away from the tiles and cleaned underneath? Set aside an hour or two, take everything off the worktop and wipe away all the crumbs. Then with a sturdy sponge scourer and some hot, soapy water, give the surfaces a proper scrub. You might need to use a palette knife to jimmy off particularly stubborn spots.

2. Let them shine

Lakeland does a special polish for worktops which gets plenty of five-star reviews. Worktop Wonder can be used on laminate, stone and stainless steel surfaces – and creates a water and fingerprint repelling film, meaning that splashes bead rather than puddle, making them easier to clean up.

3. Fake it

You can actually turn your laminate worktops into a pretty good marble or granite lookalike by simply painting them. Pinterest is packed with before and after transformations and Homebase has a Rust-Oleum kit that comes in Diamond White and Black, for use on laminate surfaces. Just make sure you leave it to dry properly. 

4. Declutter

How often do you really make bread with your breadmaker that stays out on the worktop? If you take a step back and really look at everything, you’ll realise you can free up loads of space by putting away things you rarely use. This might involve a cupboard declutter and a trip to a charity shop, but soon you’ll have more space for prepping those delicious meals.

5. Shelve it

If you really need all those things handy, and have wall space for some shelves, they could be the answer. Utensil pots, fruit bowls and even your favourite mugs on your mug tree can all be within easy reach, but crucially off the worktop, making them easier to clean.

6. Plant life

Nothing freshens up a room more quickly than adding a plant. Once you’ve got more space from all that decluttering, buy a potted herb or two from the supermarket and some cheap and cheerful plant pots and you’ll have an instant herb garden and a new-look worktop.

7. Cover up

Quicker than painting, invest in a cheerful worktop saver, like a colourful retro one for an instant new look.

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