9 things we’ve learned about Lorraine Kelly’s home

We quizzed the presenter on her DIY skills, interior design and how organised her home is.

We’re used to seeing her sitting on the sofa of a morning, but what does Lorraine Kelly’s home actually look like?

Is it cosy and comfy or modern and sleek? Is she a clutter fan or does everything have its place?

We caught up with the Scottish presenter to talk all things home, interiors and bad wallpaper mistakes…

She likes to be comfortable at home

“My style is comfortable, simple and welcoming. I feel people should instantly feel at home in my house.”

She loves organised clutter…

“I inherited the ‘clutter gene’ from my granny and constantly battle against it but I am very neat and tidy and like everything in its place.”

…Apart from in her wardrobe

“Not only is it tidy but I'm afraid all the hangers match and  point the same way and all the skirts, trousers, shirts and dresses are hung up together and colour matched.”

She once had a penchant for striped wallpaper

“I wanted striped wallpaper in the hall of our little cottage when we lived in Cookham Dean in Berkshire but the walls were completed skewed and it ended up looking crooked and bizarre. Big mistake.”

She’s not a DIY fan

“I am not at all a DIY-er. My husband is good or we call in the professionals if it is a big job.”

Her kitchen is her favourite room in the house

“I love the kitchen. It is the heart of the house and very warm and welcoming. It's the most cluttered room too with lots of recipe books, wine racks, spice racks, bottles of olive oil and prints and photos on the  walls.”

She’s inspired by her friends

“I think most of my homes have just ‘happened’ although I do get inspiration from friends. Mark Hayes, our stylist on the show, has brilliant taste and his house is sumptuous. I get inspiration from him sometimes.”

She’s love to makeover her mum’s house

“I sometimes think I would  like to give my mums flat a  makeover, but I actually like that it has been the same since I was young and it feels like home. Or maybe the Queen…”

She’s a big fan of cushions

Speaking of her collection Lorraine Home, she said: “I love the cushions, especially the Flamingo cushion with the pom-poms. I wanted them to be a bit cheeky, classy and affordable.

“You can really brighten up a room and ring the changes with a few strategically placed cushions without spending a lot of cash.”

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