Beware – it’s about to get a lot steamier in bedrooms across the country as Sam Taylor-Wood’s adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey is now available on the BT TV store.

The original EL James novel sparked the biggest baby boom in 40 years back in 2013.

If you want a piece of the action, sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam shares her top tips to embracing Fifty Shades in your own bedroom.

Recreate Christian Grey's luxury lifestyle

Christian's billionaire approach to life isn't possible for us lesser mortals - but there's no reason why you shouldn't treat yourselves occasionally. Splash out on an ultimate restaurant meal, or buy your absolutely favourite food and wine to eat by candlelight at home. It's seductive to step outside the daily grind even just for an evening.

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Sign your own erotic contract

The contract Anastasia signs, agreeing to Christian's terms, can be a fun starting point for an evening's lovemaking. One of you writes down three conditions - about what you do, where you do it, how long for - and the other agrees (though, like Ana, only if you're willing.) Then, reverse the roles.

Be ready to play

Fifty Shades’ Red Room is carefully designed to contain all the toys Christian uses to arouse Ana. You won't have a dedicated room for lovemaking, but you can make sure you have everything ready for when lust strikes. Perhaps buy a special - red? - box where you keep your lubes, toys, erotic pictures and other accessories.

Make sure it's safe

Christian's role as dominant doesn't mean he takes no care of Ana. So follow the rules: never do anything either of you dislikes; never leave anyone tied up and on their own; and always have a 'safe word' that either of you can use when you want to stop. Fifty Shades play is about trust as well as pushing the boundaries.

Love nipples

Ana has her first orgasm ever when Christian touches her breasts. In all honesty, few women can achieve this - but for men as well as women, nipples have a direct link to 'down there' parts. So caress, stroke, lick. For extra sensation pinch, then let the pressure off slowly.

Experiment with bonds…

As Ana learns, restraint can feel good not only because having wrists or ankles tied enhance sensation but also because it's wonderful to give and take control. Start by one of you holding the other down while making love. If that feels good, use silk scarves - the free partner gives one-way pleasure while the tied partner relaxes and enjoys.

Know the difference between pain and discomfort

Christian and Ana enhance their pleasure with pain. Yet in the entire trilogy, they never have uncomfortable sex - so their attention is always on the important sensations. In particular, use lube to make sure that penetration in particular is easy and comfortable.

Use a vibe

Ana and Christian love vibrators as a wonderful addition to skin-on-skin touch. And they're not just for him to use on her - so experiment with where, how firmly, and how long he likes to be stimulated.

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Try a little pressure

Slight force - on buttocks only, as they're safely protected by muscles - stimulates nerves and creates sensitivity. No need to be in full Fifty Shades mode - a very light open-hand slap will do the job, then immediately stroke with gentle fingertips for maximum effect.

Wait…wait… wait!

Ana's often made to wait for her pleasure - both so she learns that Christian's in control and because delay means a stronger orgasm. Wait until you're both close to climax then set the alarm on your mobile for an extra five minutes. Only then can you come!