Can’t even keep a cactus alive? Join the club. Those prickly little plants aren’t easy to care for, despite what seasoned gardeners might say.

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If you’ve found yourself at the decidedly dead end of a cactus and sworn off houseplants for good, it’s time to rethink your no-houseplant abode.

Houseplants are more popular than ever, springing up all over Instagram and influencer Stories as we embrace all things green and good.

And since some houseplants are actually beneficial to your health, it’s time to shrug off your no-green-finger status and give these low-maintenance yet high impact houseplants a chance.

The Snake Plant

This clever little plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night, so is a great choice for your home. Plus, it looks pretty striking too.


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How to care for it: Basic care is needed; it’s happy in most light conditions and if you forget to water or care for it, it’ll be fine – it can bounce back to health easily. If you want it to really thrive, this plant loves water so pile it on.

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Peace Lily

The benefit of a peace lily? It’s known for removing the common household chemical benzene, which is found in many products that we use every single day.


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How to care for it: Pop it somewhere it can soak up bright, indirect light and soak it with water every few days.

Bamboo Palm

The parlour palm not only looks the part, but is one of the cheapest palms you can buy too. Plus, it’s non-toxic to all pets.


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How to care for it: This plant prefers to be underwatered than overwatered – perfect for someone who goes away a lot or is generally pretty forgetful when it comes to watering their plants!

Rubber Fig

Its large, deep green leaves are perfect Insta-fodder, and if you give it room to grow, boy will it. If you want to limit its growth, keep it in a smaller pot.


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How to care for it: These plants are popular for a reason – they’re extremely low-maintenance, and can pretty much live anywhere, even in dim light and cooler climates. Try livening up your bathroom with a few of these.

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Chinese Evergreen

Full of foliage, the Chinese Evergreen is popular with plant newbies because of how easy it is to care for and its durability. They’re so impressive that they can make gardening novices look like experts.

How to care for it: It loves being watered little and often and try to let the plant dry out between watering. While it prefers lower light conditions, it’ll pretty much adapt to whatever conditions you place it in.

If you have pets, check before planting whether these or any other houseplants are safe for them, as many can be toxic or poisonous. 

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