Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is nothing new, but we're still not entirely sure how to beat it.

More than just a case of the January blues, SAD can have a hugely negative effect on its sufferers, who tend to find their energy levels are low, their mood is terrible and sleeping becomes difficult.

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Interior design experts at Mattress Online say you should focus on bringing light and energy into your home - particularly the bedroom. 

But how? Here's some ideas on how to turn your bedroom into a lighter, brighter, SAD-busting room:

Look at the lighting

One of the most effective ways to beat SAD is to increase your exposure to sunlight. If it's difficult to get more natural light into your room, you can cheat with some clever artificial lighting.

For the bedroom, look to add more lamps around the room and swap dim bulbs to brighter, warm coloured bulbs. Adding these around the room will help it to feel cosier. Place lamps around the outside of the room to make the room feel more spacious, rather than putting lighting in the middle of the room that can make rooms appear smaller and darker.

If you have the space, window seats are a great addition to any bedroom, changing the space from one just intended for sleeping in into a room to relax. You can use this extra space to sit and regain energy, whilst taking in the natural light.

Create warmth with colours and tones

Think welcoming shades of oranges, reds and earthy tones to help cast your mind back to warm, sunny evenings. If you can’t change your wall colour,use accent pieces in these colours – a rug, a pillow, throws or wall art will do the trick.


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Try to avoid using just paler or cold colours such as white as this can create a cold and gloomy atmosphere.

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Go green

Plants bring life and energy into the home and when you are spending less time outside, help to bring the outdoors to you. Don’t trust yourself to keep plants alive? Fake the feeling with botanical prints or fake foliage.

Declutter to destress

Extra clutter can make you feel closed in and add to stress, so work on making sure you can see the items that make you happy – like a favourite photo or a special perfume - and hiding the rest. This can help create a sense of calm and mindfulness in your home. 

Opt for bedside cabinets with drawers so you can keep items out of sight, while a dressing table with mirror can help bring light into the room too.

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Focus on the bed

One of the major effects of SAD is difficulty sleeping, which just exacerbates the problem. Try refreshing your bed so it becomes a comfortable, inviting place that you want to spend time in. 

Fresh bedding will help to make the bed an inviting and cosy place. Look for softer, thicker materials to keep out the cold and remember to keep these in warm hues to add the feeling of energy into your bedroom.

If you're feeling flush, buy a new mattress. If yours is quite old, a spring new base can make all the difference. Use a mattress guide, which rate the comfort and firmness of mattresses to find the right fit.