From bedroom to bathroom: How to make your home feel like a Wes Anderson film

The filmmaker’s aesthetic is taking over the world. Here is how to get it in your home.

According to Pinterest’s Interior Awards, Brits are desperately trying to recreate the delicious put-together-ness of Wes Anderson’s films in their home.

Over the years the American director and producer has very much established his own aesthetic and there is something so enticing about it, The Guardian is convinced it’s taken over the world.

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If you too have been won over by the trend, here’s how to get it yourself at home.


Interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott says to get the mixture of drama, kookiness and creativeness Wes Anderson has become known for in your bedroom, go for soft and soothing options.

“A wallpaper, or paint that is easy on the eye and then add some Anderson drama with a feature bed, perhaps a dramatic headboard complete with cushions and throws,” she says.


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If you’re not a fan of headboards,’s resident style advisor Nadia McCowan Hill suggests trying a wall mural instead.

If this all feels a little too bold though, interior designer and DIY interiors vlogger Georgina Burnett says it’s best to try focusing on one colour theme for the whole room.

“Think of using different tones, shades and tints of a colour. This could work well in the bedroom where you might want more harmony.  Always imagine you are adding a slight sepia filter though so using pure whites and greys would spoil the effect,” she explains.


“If you want to get the Wes Anderson look in your home you obviously need to pay attention to his use of colour and symmetry, but don’t forget the overall feel of escapism and intellectual humour. It helps to get the idea of a traditional dolls house in your mind at the start.

“His films have an ‘art nouveau’ feel where the colour is concerned, always just slightly off from the colour pure. They are often bold and contrasting like red and purple, or turquoise and yellow-orange. You might have a deep tone on the walls of your lounge, but with strikingly opposing furnishings,” says Georgina.

You needn’t spend a lot to get this vibe, Vanessa says. This could be a choice as simple as a colourful sofa, a large unusual painting, or patterned fabrics.

“One of Anderson’s key visual signatures,” says Matt Deighton, Managing Director at Sofas by Saxon, “is that you’ll rarely see a dull or ordinary object on screen: nothing fades into the background.” His recommendation is to add classic pieces to a contemporary room like a Chesterfield sofa.

If you’re using The Grand Budapest Hotel as your inspiration, try a pop of pink with a retro arm chair or some velvet cushions.


In the bathroom, Georgina recommends contrasting tiles: have plain ones on the wall and tiles with a striking design on the floor.

A freestanding bath also makes an Anderson-esque statement.


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“Anderson uses straight lines and symmetry to guide the eye. When trying to achieve this, stand in the middle of the room and look at each wall individually to make sure they all comply. Using artwork and panelling on walls can really help with this,” Georgina explains.

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