Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, but getting that longed for eight hours isn’t easy, particularly if you have an uncomfortable bed.

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Before you trade in that hard-as-nails or lumpy, bumpy mattress for a new one, however, consider buying a topper instead – an added layer which sits on top of your existing mattress.

With so many options available – memory foam, goose down, anti-allergy – it can be difficult to decide which one to opt for, so here are some tips on which mattress topper might be best for you.

Memories are made of this

Memory foam moulds to the shape of your body to offer a really comfortable, cosy night’s sleep; it’s an incredibly popular mattress topper option as a result.

Try the Dorma Tencel Blend Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Dunelm for kingsize. But if your bedroom is already toasty, beware: memory foam tends to absorb heat and can result in a slightly sweaty night’s sleep. 

Light as a feather

For a luxurious night’s kip, invest in a goose down topper – this Platinum Goose Down Topper from The White Company for kingsize, is filled with 80% fluffy goose down and 20% plump goose feather to create a cloud-like surface. Sweet dreams...

Chill out

A nice cosy topper is all very well in the nippy winter months, but what about the height of summer? The Slumberdown Airstream Topper from Argos for kingsize, claims to be “significantly cooler than memory foam”. 

Put your back into it

The Sealy Zonal Support Posturepedic mattress enhancer from Argos for kingsize, has separate foam and memory foam zones that are softer at the hands and feet, and firmer where the rest of your body lies. It promises to distribute your body weight more evenly, providing extra pressure relief and comfort. 

Rest easy

If you struggle with allergies, try an anti-allergy topper to keep dust mites at bay. Silentnight makes an Anti-Allergy Memory Foam Mattress Topper from Very for a kingsize. It’s made from temperature sensitive visco-elastane, and comes with an anti-allergy, cotton-rich, machine washable cover. 

Budget buy

Pushed for cash post-Christmas? You can still enjoy a plush night’s sleep, without the hefty price tag. The soft and comfy Ultrabounce Topper from Wilko for kingsize, is designed to bounce back to shape after every use, and won’t break the bank, either.