When should Yuletide officially start?

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That’s exactly what we asked members of the public when we took to the streets of Pimlico, south London to film the festive video above.

The clip certainly separates the Scrooges from Santa’s Little Helpers.

A Tachbrook Street Market trader, who as you can see was selling Christmas crackers and Santa hats, said he would celebrate 25 December every day if he could.

“But it really starts at the beginning of November,” he added. “Once Guy Fawkes is over then Christmas is the next thing.”

Other Christmas keenos included a brother and his two sisters who have already bought presents for their nearest and dearest.

One sister said she starts buying gifts in the January sales, has planned Christmas by July and was excited by September.

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Many people said the festive season starts on 1 December, but others weren’t so keen to send their letters off to Father Christmas.

“I think Christmas should start on 22 December,” one man told us. “As an event it has become horribly and hopelessly over-commercialised and I really resent the fact that people try and start in November, let alone October.”

Another man said Christmas starts on 1 December, but thinks decorations should be delayed until the middle of the month.

“You get such a big build up over it, waiting for Christmas to come along and then after three days you are sort of like lying on the sofa farting away with the turkey,” he added.