Before you sneer your nose up at the thought of artificial flowers, don’t.

These days, they’re so well made that even the most seasoned florist might struggle to tell if it’s real or fake; not only do they save money, but they mean no more having to chuck away dead flowers. Which is pretty sad in itself!

If you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons to give artificial plants or flowers a go:

1. They’re low maintenance

Not just low – no! A spokesperson from Appleyard Flowers comments: “Artificial plants require no special lighting, no special substrate and no supplements, so they’re great for someone who is unable to care for live plants or flowers.”

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2. They’re flexible

You can place them wherever you like your house as they have no special requirements. You can pick any size plant or any type because they are primarily chosen for appearance; you can safely place an artificial plant in bright sun, in the dark, in a cold or warm place, anywhere you like.

3. They’ve got staying power

Obviously, they won’t die, but they’re always in season, whatever the plant or flower.

4. They’re resilient

Got kids or grandchildren? We all know that they are prone to knocking off a few ornaments and plants. Artificial plants are much more resilient and are unlikely to be damaged when involved in any accidents.

5. They’re safe

They are perfect for any animal owners. Some plants, such as lilies, are harmful to pets and they can be extremely poisonous - with artificial plants you don’t have that worry.

6. They’re clean

Pest-free, soil-free, water-free…

7. They’ll safe you money

If you love flowers but can’t afford to keep buying them, invest in some artificial ones and they’ll last a long time. That way, you’re not constantly throwing them away and having to shell out for new ones.

Photo credit: Appleyard Flowers

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