Who can forget the rainbow bagel. The colourful treat dazzled us in 2016 and left most of us who haven’t actually eaten one thinking – is that food? It doesn’t look like food. Oh, nope, apparently it’s food.

Well, in case you just hadn’t got enough, now there’s a new sweet-tasting work of art for your teeth to destroy – and vice-versa of course.

These are unicorn macaroons, and long may they clog up your Instagram feed.

These peaceful-looking little cakes were created by Mac Lab Bakery in the US state of Georgia.

The bakers don’t skimp on the detail either – take a look at this oddly frantic video of blusher being applied to the snoozing unicorns’ cheeks.

It seems Mac Lab Bakery isn’t the only one making the fantastical creations however.

Bite Bakery & Cafe from New York has also seemingly been trying its hand at making some horned horses.

If there’s one thing the world really needs right now, it’s a unicorn macaroon bakery war.

Worried you might not be able to buy them in the UK though? Well Mac Lab Bakery is apparently planning to start shipping its products.

Your move, bakers of planet Earth.

Let the delicious games begin.