Still feeling less than impressed with the taste of the new Cadbury Creme Egg released last year? Then skip the supermarket and make one yourself.

Sales of the Easter favourite have seen a £6 million slump after the chocolate in the egg was changed from Dairy Milk to a standard cocoa version.

And while Cadbury insisted the “fundamentals” of the egg remain the same, Creme Egg fans have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Chocolatier Paul A. Young set about creating a recipe to make his own – using Cadbury chocolate of course.

Appearing on This Morning last year, he told Holly and Phil: “I think it’s changed. I noticed that there’s less cocoa solids in it. You can’t change something that is literally ingrained in our heritage.”

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Paul showed viewers how to make their own fondant-filled egg at home, using just five ingredients – and the best news? They’re bigger than the shop-bought versions.

The homemade eggs got the thumbs up from Holly and Phil, with Holly commenting: “Look at the size of that. That’s like eating six in one go.”

“Stunning,” added Phil.

They both used a spoon to tuck into theirs – but how will you eat yours?

Have you noticed that Cadbury Creme Eggs taste different? Tell us in the Comments box below.