It’s an annoying fact of life that a single banana can bring on the untimely demise of many of your other fruits and veggies.

Research suggest that every year in the UK we chuck out £2.6 billion worth of gone off greens, when, according to Sainsbury’s, a bit of clever fridge planning could help individual households save £100 on their food bill.

Follow these top tips for pairing – and separating – certain fruits and veggies to boost their freshness:

Keep cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli and peppers together in the fridge, but away from fruit – when certain fruits ripen, it produces ethylene gas which can hasten the ripening process of vegetables around them and can spoil them.

Soft fruits like peaches, pears and nectarines like to ripen to sweetness at room temperature. Put them into the fridge too early and they lose their flavour.

Tomatoes and plums can be the best of friends in the fridge, but for the best flavours, let them get to room temperature before eating.

Kiwis and avocadoes should always ripen outside the fridge, but you can put them in the chiller to preserve them afterwards.

If you’ve got an avocado half leftover, pop it next to an onion in the fridge to prevent oxidation from turning the avocado brown.

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Your potatoes can pick up a flavour of onions if you put them together. To keep onions fresher for longer – up to six months even – store them in breathable material, even tights will do, and suspend them so they get lots of ventilation.

The ethylene given off by apples will make watermelon go mushy, so keep them on different shelves in the fridge.

However, that same ethylene from the apples will help stop your potatoes from sprouting.

Cherries and blueberries are practically immune to the effects of ethylene, so you can pair them with whatever you like in the fridge.

Store lettuces and salad leaves away from fruit to keep them crisp for longer.

Always store bananas on their own! And if you want them to stay riper for longer, wrap them tightly in clingfilm which slows the ripening process.

And if all else fails, pop your leftovers on the compost heap!

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