It’s National Chocolate Week, which gives us the chance to celebrate the wonderful world of the cocoa-based treat.

So to celebrate properly, we’ve assembled a list of chocolatey ways to start your day. We must warn you, however: some of these are more sensible than others.

Pain au chocolat

If you travel regularly by train, the pain au chocolat will be a familiar favourite.

The flake of the pastry and the tubes of chocolate that run through on either side make this essentially a level two croissant, and we’re more than OK with that.

Chocolate cereal

Firm favourites include Coco Pops, Nesquik and Coco Shreddies. Cereals seem like a healthy option, right?

Bonus points for the fact the milk will often go chocolatey – that’s double chocolate with the day just minutes old. Result.

Chocolate pancakes

On them, in them, we don’t mind as long as there’s chocolate on the plate.

Your options include: chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream and cocoa powder.

Breakfast bars

Whether you’re late for work or just plain lazy, a breakfast bar is possibly the quickest breakfast there is.

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’re eating a chocolate bar, but the presence of oats and the odd raisin makes the huge quantity of chocolate seem vaguely acceptable.

Chocolate spread

Spreadable chocolate! Superb. Get it on your toast, croissants or pancakes for instant chocolatey gratification.


Listen up. Get your porridge in the bowl, all nice and warm, and put a few squares of white chocolate in. Let it melt, swirl it around, and bingo – chocolate porridge.

Added bonus: with the porridge remaining pretty much the same colour, nobody will be any the wiser. Chocolate? Oh no, not me.


Maybe not this extravagant, but a chocolate milkshake seems like a perfectly acceptable thing to have for breakfast. It’s got milk in it, and you need some liquid to start your day.


Essentially the same rule as pancakes. In the waffles or on the waffles, chocolate and waffles are best pals, so don’t keep them apart.


You know, like breakfast muffins? Except with chocolate in them? Omnomnom.


We finish with good old-fashioned bread. Chocolate flavoured or with chunks in the dough, this is probably one of the more sensible options.

Don’t forget you can stick some chocolate spread on there as well…