Unless you are a graphic or interior designer or work in the creative industries, you have probably never thought: “Hey, what Pantone shade is my orange?”

But luckily, Instagram is here to cast away your doubts and open your eyes to the glorious world of Pantone-matching food.

It’s certainly a feast for the eyes as much as it is for your taste buds.

1. Cereal

2. Oreos

3. Cookies

4. Doughnuts

5. Citrus fruits

6. Green fruits

7. Croissants

8. Easter eggs

9. Ice cream

10. Purple veg

11. Smoothies

12. Macarons

13. Green herbs

14. Yellow fruit

15. Dessert pies

16. Tea

17. Red fruit

18. Raw fish

19. Chocolate wrappers

20. Toppings on toast

21. Eggs