Rough-puff pastry cheats: Great British Bake Off’s Richard Burr shares his secrets

Make your own Great British Bake Off worthy pie with these top rough-puff pastry tips.

Think making your own pastry for pies is too laborious to make yourself? Think again.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying some read-made rough-puff pastry from the supermarket, but before do, try following The Great British Bake Off’s Richard Burr and his top tips for making it from scratch yourself.

Baking builder Richard, Bake Off finalist in 2014, has shared his ultimate rough-puff pastry cheats so you get a brilliant base for your rough-puff bakes every time.

From rolling out your dough from the middle to what to do to help the pastry grow, Richard’s cheats should have you making the most flaky, buttery pastry of your life.


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