Oktoberfest is upon us and all over the world, people are delighting in beer in all its forms; from warm dark ale to fizzing lager.

But what if you don’t like the taste? Luckily for you, our friends at Corona and Peroni have provided us with some beer-infused cocktails to ease you into the celebrations.

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1. Corona Sunset

Popular at Corona Sunsets events, this signature drink is perfect for a party.

A Corona sunset cocktail (Corona)


What you’ll need.
40ml Gin
15ml Fresh Lemon Juice
20ml Passion fruit syrup
20ml Passion fruit puree
1 x Bottle of Corona

Shake all ingredients together except the Corona, then strain the mixture with ice into a glass. Top up with Corona and crushed ice, then garnish with a slice of lime and half a passion fruit.

2. Corona Sunrise

Summer may be coming to and end, but if you want to hold onto it a bit longer, try this tasty treat.

A Corona Sunrise cocktail (Corona)


What you’ll need.
50ml Vodka
15ml Elderflower liqueur
25ml Lemon juice
15ml Simple syrup
1 x Bottle of Corona

Pour all ingredients except Corona into a mixing glass. Shake and strain over an ice-filled glass. Top up with Corona and garnish with a slice of lime.

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3. Corojito

Who doesn’t love a twist on a mojito?

A corojito cocktail (Corona)


What you’ll need.
45ml Rum
25ml Lime juice
10ml Simple syrup
5gr Sugar cane
8 Mint Leaves
4 Parts of lime
1 x bottle of Corona

Muddle lime parts with sugar syrup, sugar cane and mint in a glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice, then add the rum and top up with Corona.

Stir and garnish with lime and mint sprig and top up with crushed ice.

4. Citrus Punch

A favourite at The House of Peroni, this one is for sharing.

Citrus punch (Peroni)


What you’ll need.

100ml Camomile tea
100ml spiced liquor
30ml bergamot
150ml Peroni Nastro Azzuro
Grapefruit for garnish

Mix together the camomile tea, liquor and bergamot with some ice. Pour into a punch bowl and top up with Peroni.

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5. Classic Negroni

If you find Negroni too strong for your tastebuds, this Peroni version may help.

Classic Negroni (Peroni)


What you’ll need.

20ml Vermouth
Orange Bitters
30ml Peroni Nastro Azzuro
Bergamot spray

Mix the Peroni with the vermouth and a couple of drops of bitters. Then give it a spritz with bergamot spray. Goes well with one large ice cube.

6. Citra Della Seta

This Italian dream of a cocktail has a depth of flavours and is sure to help you appreciate the hidden qualities of lager.

Citra dela Seta (Peroni)


25ml Fig liquor
25ml Chinotto
30ml Peroni Nasttro Azzuro

Pour the liquor, chinotto and Peroni over ice. Garnish with Bergamot.

Do try these beauties at home. We have a feeling you’ll develop a taste for beer!