Got a good takeaway down the road? Then you’re one step closer to selling your house. Throw in a pub a stumble away and sellers will be biting your hand off.

A new inside poll of house buyers opens the door (sorry) on what potential buyers desire and detest when looking for a new home.

A strong mobile phone reception
Admittedly, short of scaling your nearest phone mast and adding more antennae there is little you can do about this one. But, if you do have good coverage make sure you highlight it as a selling point.

Three bedrooms – with the third room for an office
Even if your third bedroom is more of a dumping ground right now, try to dress it up as a useful room while trying to sell.

Large screen TV or other technology gadgets thrown in
Don’t have a cinematic flat screen? Offer to leave your electric can opener.

Adequate storage – which is ‘large enough for a game of hide and seek'
Invest in a professional and have cupboards built into unused nooks around the house – be sure they can hide a small child up to the count of 100.

A large kitchen for entertaining
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.

So if you’re thinking of fitting a new kitchen, do it and do it spaciously.

Be within walking distance of a primary school
If you don’t have children, find your nearest primary school then take a walk to it (run if necessary), and make sure you highlight how long it takes as a selling point.

Be within stumbling distance of a local pub
Take similar steps as above, you need to research these things.

Good range of takeaways that will deliver to the house
Don your stretchy pants and get ordering – it’s all in the spirit of successfully securing a sale.

A maximum 40-minute commute to work
You don’t need to let on that you run to the train station to cut the time down.

A garden size of around a quarter of an acre
Cut back the jungle size bushes, et voila!

Michael Robinson, Director of, commented: “It’s really interesting looking into the requests we receive and the feedback we hear. 

"I’ve worked in the industry for more than 30 years and in this time the wish list has changed dramatically.

“However, buyers actually haven’t really changed with their list of dislikes. 

"People sometimes struggle to see how their furniture would look on a different coloured flooring, so putting extra hurdles in a buyers eye shot won’t help with the sale of your home.”