There’s always one guest at a wedding that makes everything that little bit uncomfortable... enter Bertha.

As Hurricane Bertha brought heavy rainfall from across the Atlantic she almost ruined one special day as she arrived unannounced at the wedding venue of bride Katy Lomas and her groom Richard Owen.

Katy Lomas and Richard Owen say I do as the rain comes in

The happy couple from Sheffield were walking down the aisle in the conservatory at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley when the tail-end of the storm brought rain pelting down, much to the amusement of the guests.

Guests look on as the rain starts to come through during the ceremony

First the torrential downpour drowned out the couple's exchange of vows. Then the conservatory gave in, with rain pouring down through the roof and guests left standing in a foot of water.

Guests embrace the weather

If that wasn't enough the couple soon realised that all of their hard work and planning was in danger of being swept away.

Guests run for cover to the reception venue

Their reception venue - a £6,000 tipi set up for a lavish sit-down dinner - was completely flooded.

The decorations after the storm hit

But with a bit of old-fashioned stiff-upper-lip stoicism, the guests banded together to ensure the celebration could continue.

The reception was moved to the conservatory

Shoes were shunned, dresses were hitched up, and family, friends and staff moved the entire reception back into the conservatory for a magical day - with these incredible photos the result.

Katy Lomas and her groom Richard Owen make the most of the weather

Hours later, the drenched couple ended the night dancing barefoot in the rain surrounded by their loved ones.

Guests embrace the weather

As they say, life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Photo credit: Jon Dennis/S6 Photography