Wedding dress, tick. Cake, tick. Groom… oh.

Yes, welcome to the weird, wonderful and ever-widening world of divorce parties, the place where (predominantly) women decide not to sit weeping at the demise of their marriage, they decide to mock it instead - trashing their wedding dress, creating macabre dead groom-style cakes, and generally having a lot of fun.

Inevitably, cynics roll their eyes and call it unfeeling, unnecessary and, dare we say, a little too American.

Scarlett Johansson was said to have held one after her divorce from Ryan Reynolds was finalised while Katie Holmes reportedly held one to celebrate her one-year anniversary of being divorced from Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Experts clearly think it’s rather a good idea.

“Why not celebrate divorce?” says divorce mentor Liz Copeland. “You’ve just come through a traumatic phase of life, and we need to recognise divorce as a grown-up transition, just as we do for weddings, and I’m all for post-divorce ceremonies.”

Nichola Morris, family law solicitor at Myerson, agrees.

“Divorce parties have been popular in America for a number of years, but recently we’ve seen that trend travel across the pond. It’s easy to see why - surrounding yourself with those who’ve supported you throughout the relationship breakdown is a great way of toasting the beginning of a new chapter in your life.”

The rest of us are angling for an invite too – in a new poll by Myerson, 57% of those asked said they would throw a divorce party.

So if you’re one of them, here’s a quick guide to what you’ll need to throw a D-party…

Wedding dress

You spent months choosing it, wore it once, then hung up it in a. Thankfully, it’s time to declutter your wardrobe, de-Miss Havisham your life and burn the stupid thing, or just dye it a different colour.


Pin the tail on the ex. Does what it says on the tin.

Wedding ring coffin

Not sure where to put your symbol of everlasting love? An American website has the answer: a specially designed ring coffin. Obviously.


An upside-down wedding tier cake iced in black? A basic sponge with a row of coffins and RIP wedding on them? A miniature groom with his head (or worse) sliced off? All on the divorce party menu, and all there to prove a break-up never tasted so good.

Divorce party


Strictly speaking, most people know the ‘whoever catches the bouquet will marry next’ ritual is nonsense. But just in case you did catch it, and that meant you did marry the idiot you’re now divorcing, take the chance to create another bouquet and hurl it back in the face of the bride who cursed you.


It looks like typical hen do merchandise, but instead of marking the heady last days of singledom, the plethora of divorce balloons/sashes/T-shirts is there to mark the less heady last days of a failed marriage.


However excited you might be about wearing your ‘It’s all about me now’ sash, it’s inevitable you might feel a bit nervous too. Which is why many divorce parties ask a fortune teller along, ready to tell you just how much better your demarried future will be.


Apparently, many people now mark their divorce with special tattoos – think a budding flower, a book with ‘chapter two’ inked on it, or a bird coming out of a cage. The marriage might not have lasted til death did it part, but at least some body art can.