You might have a 2016 calendar featuring scenic views, or perhaps cute animals. Hey, maybe you even have a One Direction one (no judgment). But we bet you don’t have something quite like this hanging on your wall…

new year written into back hair with glasses next to the writing for January calendar month
(Michael Wolfe/

Michael Wolfe was a senior at Sprague High School in Salem, Oregon, when he says his back hair story began. On his Calendhair website he writes: “It was during wrestling season and I had just noticed some interesting sprouts coming from my shoulders. I proceeded to do a full examination of my back and saw that I was becoming one of those guys that everyone makes fun of… I was growing back hair!!!”

Michael has since decided to start shaving pictures out of his ample body hair. It’s hard to tear your eyes away and you won’t have to, because he’s featuring them in a calendar.

Yep, Michael is trying to get on US chat shows. Check out this work of art.

People think they know how Jimmy Fallon is going to react.

Which  seems a little unfair. Mind you, we’re not entirely sure “luscious” is the word for it either…

And here’s the answer to the question we know you’re all asking – yes, you can buy the calendars from the website. They’re $20, or $30 from outside of the US.