Post Office Money has unveiled the Matched credit card, which offers a record-breaking 25-month interest-free period on purchases.

It’s the longest 0% period on spending ever offered, giving cardholders over two years to shop interest-free.

But in order to qualify for the deal you'll need to make a purchase within three months of opening the account. Otherwise a shorter 16-month 0% period will apply.

The new card also allows cardholders to make balance transfers interest-free for 16 months (for a 2.98% fee), although far longer and cheaper deals are available, plus there’s no cash fee to pay when purchasing foreign currency from the Post Office.

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The top 0% purchase cards

Here’s how the new Post Office card compares to the other longest lasting 0% purchase credit card deals on the market.

Credit card

0% purchase period

Representative APR

Post Office Matched credit card

25 months


Virgin Money All Round Card

24 months


Santander 123 Credit Card*

23 months


Halifax Purchase Credit Card

21 months


Tesco Bank Clubcard for Purchases

21 months


*£24 annual card fee

A word of warning

You’ll need to make sure you keep up with the minimum payments and stay within your credit limit in order to keep your promotional rates.

If you don’t the offers will end and anything outstanding on the card will start being charged at the standard rate of 18.9%.

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