Last week, it was revealed Tetley takes the taste of the tea it produces so seriously that it’s insured the tastebuds of Tetley tea blender Sebastian Michaelis for a staggering £1 million.

Michaelis is something of a tea expert and responsible for ensuring that Britain’s favourite cuppa always tastes the same.

But he’s not the only person to have a body part insured for an eye-watering sum of money – we’ve taken a look at some others.

Coffee lover cover

Perhaps surprisingly, Michaelis doesn’t have the most valuable tongue in the world. That accolade could possibly go to Gennaro Pelliccia.

Who? Pelliccia is Costa Coffee's Italian Master of Coffee. His tongue is insured by Lloyd’s of London for $10 million (about £6.3 million).

Pelliccia personally tastes every single batch of raw coffee beans at the company’s roastery in London, before they are roasted and shipped to its stores. The average tongue has approximately 10,000 taste buds, which means Costa has in effect insured each of Pelliccia’s taste buds for £1,000.

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Not-so-Ugly Betty

Despite the name of the show that made her famous, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has such a beautiful smile (once her character’s brace is removed) that it’s insured for $10 million (£6.3 million) with Lloyd’s.

The policy was bought by the makers of teeth-whitening product Aquafresh White Trays as part of a promotion involving Ferrera which aimed to raise money for US charity Smiles for Success.

Back in the old days…

Lloyd’s has been insuring stars’ body parts for decades. Back in the 1920s silent film comedian Ben Turpin famously bought a $25,000 insurance policy, payable if his trademark crossed eyes ever uncrossed.

Around the same time legendary silent film actor Charlie Chaplin was so famous for his trademark walk that he got his legs insured for £100,000 – a fortune in the 1920s.

The 1930s saw Jimmy ‘the Schnozzle’ Durante's infamously large nose insured by Lloyd’s for $140,000 (£89,000 in today’s money); while in the 1940s actress, dancer and pin-up girl Betty Grable insured her pins for $1,000,000 (£630,000), prompting the phrase ‘million-dollar legs’. 

Million dollar legs

Betty Grable might have been the first to insure her legs for a million dollars – but there have been plenty more since then.

Sports teams routinely insure against star players picking up injuries. Football player David Beckham’s legs were insured for a cool £100 million while Real Madrid has protected Cristiano Ronaldo's legs to the tune of £90 million.

However, all this is small change compared to the price Mariah Carey puts on her legs – and she’s not even a sports star. The singer took out a $1 billion policy (£640 million) on her pins after fronting Gillette's Legs of a Goddess campaign in 2006.

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Voices and hands

Other musicians and singers are more worried about their tools of the trade –  voices and hands.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ hands are insured for $1.6 million (£1.1 million) while back in the 1980s Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for £4m.

American Idol runner-up and Queen collaborator Adam Lambert reckons his voice is worth much more than The Boss – he insured his vocal chords for a staggering $48 million (£30.5 million).

Other body parts

Other stars reckon certain parts of their body are so aesthetically pleasing that their career couldn’t continue if something happened to them.

Jennifer Lopez is famous for her curves and rumoured to have insured her buttocks insured for £180 million.

Back in the day Dolly Parton was as well known for her breasts as her singing – the 1970s saw her get them insured for a whopping £380,000 (a lot of money in those days).

More recently Julia Roberts has one of the acting world’s most recognisable faces – her smile alone is insured for about £19 million.

Finally, Bond hunk Daniel Craig insured his body for £6 million to protect against any mishaps doing his own stunts while filming Quantum of Solace in 2007.

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