There's still time to bag a Valentine's Day bargain on flowers.

We've been tracking the prices of a dozen and two dozen roses at some of the biggest online flower providers, in order to find out whether it's better value for money to order flowers well in advance of the big day or to wait up until the last-minute.

We watched the prices of 12 and 24 roses at Interflora, M&S, Next, Debenhams, Waitrose and Moonpig, and found that surprisingly, ordering flowers at the last minute can, in most cases, save you money. 

Price trends

Two weeks before Valentine’s Day (January 31), the price of roses stood as follows.


One dozen red roses

Two dozen red roses Delivery on 14 February Next day delivery Same-day delivery
Interflora £49 £89 £6 £6 £8
M&S £37 £65 Free N/A N/A
Next £22 N/A Free N/A N/A
Debenhams £24.99 N/A Free £1.99  N/A
Waitrose £25 £50 Free Free N/A
Moonpig £28 £65 Free Free N/A

While prices varied across the board, these figures show ordering well in advance of Valentine's Day can usually save you money on unwanted delivery fees.

Interflora was the only provider to charge for Valentine's Day delivery, while Debenhams joined to charge for next day delivery. The rest of the providers all offered free delivery in time for Valentine's Day. 

One week before Valentine's Day (February 7), these prices remained unchanged. It was still clear that opting for free delivery and purchasing flowers seven days in advance would provide the best value for money.

Prices dropping

However, as we get closer to Valentine's Day, prices have started to drop. Over the weekend, many providers have started to slash the cost of roses.

Here's what it will cost for you to order a bunch of 12 or 24 roses today (February 13).


One dozen red roses

Two dozen red roses Next day delivery Same-day delivery
Interflora £49 £89 £6 £10 (+£2)
M&S £37 £65 N/A N/A
Next £22 N/A N/A N/A
Debenhams £22.99 (-£2) N/A £1.99  N/A
Waitrose £20 (-£5) £50 Free N/A
Moonpig £25 (-£3) £50 (-£15) Free N/A

Are you better off waiting?

Debenhams has dropped the price of 12 red roses by £2, Moonpig by £3 and Waitrose by £5. The shift means that the cheapest place to order a dozen roses is now Waitrose rather than Next and waiting will have paid off. 

Moonpig is, so far, the only provider to have cut the cost of purchasing 24 red roses. It's slashed the price by £15, making it joint cheapest with Waitrose for two dozen red roses.

None of the providers we looked at have increased the cost of red roses over the past two weeks. Next day delivery charges have also remained the same.

However, Interflora, which is the only store to offer same-day delivery, has hiked the cost from £8 to £10 to cash-in on last-minute shoppers. It's also consistently been the most expensive to order 12 or 24 roses. 

So if you were planning to get your roses here, you could end up paying even more by waiting.

Since none of the other providers offer same-day delivery, today is the day to order your roses if you want to save.

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