Here's your round up of this week's best deals from all the big supermarkets.

Note that offers are subject to availability and all stores are listed alphabetically, so you can scroll straight to your favourite.

All stores are listed alphabetically.


For the Aldi regulars out there, you'll be up to speed with the weekly Super 6 fruit and veg offer. This week you can pick up selected items for 59p or 45p.

Pick up a snack pack of grapes for 59p (reduced from 62p), cherries are 59p (instead of 95p), garlic is 59p (85p), and a presimmon/sharon fruit is also 59p (95p), plums are 45p (75p) and peaches are 45p (62p). 

The Super 6 meat and fish offer includes:

  • Ham Hock pastry parcels are £2.79 (£8.21 per kg);
  • Rainbow trout fillets are £2.49 (£1.99 per 100g);
  • Buffalo chicken wings are £1.99 (£4.98 per kg);
  • Chorizo style pork & bean sausages are £2.29 (£5.73 per kg);
  • Smoked bacon loin medallions are £1.69 (£6.90 per kg);
  • British boneless beef rib burnt ends are £3.29 (£8.89 per kg).

Elsewhere, you pick up Scottish hand cut Sirloin steak for £3.39 (£13.56 per kg). Because who can turn down a nice juicy steak?

Pick up a pack of two Scottish lightly smoked salmon fillets for £4.29 (£17.88 per kg).

Who doesn’t love a bacon butty on a Saturday morning? Pick up a pack of smoked back bacon (1kg) for £3.69.

There’s a free-range whole chicken available for £3.29 (1kg). Enough to feed the whole family this weekend.

12 pork chipolata sausages are £1.95 (£5.20 per kg).

Specially Selected luxury croissants were £1.65 but are now £1.59. Do breakfast the French way this week.

Stock up on Oakhurst chicken breast fillets (700g) for £3.49.

Scottish wholetail scampi (250g) is £2.09.

Find more deals on the Aldi website

Best supermarket deals


It’s bangers on the barbecue season! Pick up two packs of either Asda Extra Special six pork sausages (400g) or Extra Special six bacon & maple syrup sausages (400g) for £4.

If you’re vodka and mixer type of drinker, Red Bull energy drink cans (4x250ml) are £1 cheaper at £3.

We all deserve a treat every occasionally. Asda Baker’s Selection strawberry cheesecake is £1 cheaper at £2.

Asda ready-to-cook smoky BBQ chicken (415g) is 65p cheaper at £3.

There’s £1.40 knocked off the price of Tropicana Trop 50 multi-vitamins juice (1L) at £1.

Save yourself £1.20 on Shahi long grain basmati rice (5kg) at £3.80.

Mumtaz creamy rassmalai dessert (450g) was £3 but is now £2.

Kebabs, kebabs and more kebabs. Humza Premium Food Products meat charcoal seekh kebabs (750g) are down to £3.75 from £6.99.

Make your own chip shop fish at home with either Birds Eye four large battered haddock fillets (480g) or Birds Eye four large battered cod fillets (480g) with £1.50 knocked off the price at £3.

Asda Extra Special barramundi fillets (526g) have a great saving of £3.50 at £4.50. It’ll be fish for everyone for dinner this week.

There’s £1.89 savings to be had on Magnum Mini Classic Mint & Dark Chocolate ice creams (6x60ml) and Magnum Mini Double Caramel & Double Chocolate ice creams (6x60ml) at £2.

Find more deals on the Asda website

Best supermarket deals


This week’s 7-day deal is for the chocolate fans. Fox’s Chocolate Rocky (8pk) and Fox’s Caramel Rocky (8pk) are half price at 50p.

Frylight golden sunflower oil cooking spray (190ml) is 70p cheaper at £1.50.

Give yourself the caffeine kick you need with Kenco Smooth (100g) at £2, reduced from £3.30.

Or if tea’s your go-to beverage, Twinings English breakfast (50pk, 125g) has 99p knocked off the price at £2.

Make your lunches a little easier with Uncle Ben’s special golden vegetable rice (250g) at £1, reduced from £1.70.

If you’d like a bowl of cereal on-the-go, you can pick up some half price cereal bars at £1, including:

  • Kellogg’s Coco Pops cereal & milk snack bars (6x20g), because you’re never too old for Coco Pops;
  • Alpen Light Bars Chocolate & Fudge Multipack (5x95g);
  • Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares Marshmallow (4x28g);
  • Kellogg's Rice Krispies cereal & milk bars (6x20g);
  • Kellogg's Frosties cereal & milk bars (6x25g).

And if you’re looking for some top frozen offers, Iceland has some savings on:

  • Nobbly Bobbly (4x70ml) is half price at £1;
  • Bernard Matthews 14 Turkey Jetters (350g) are also half price at £1;
  • Save 50p on McCain Crispy French Fries (750g) at £1;
  • Birds Eye 12 original beef burgers with onion (680g) have £1.20 knocked off the price at £3;
  • There’s £1.50 knocked off the price of Ben & Jerry’s including Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough S'Wich Up ice cream (500ml), Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream (500ml), Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream (500ml), Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream (500ml).

Find more deals on the Iceland website


Lidl's Pick of the Week features four assorted fruit and veg for 69p. You could pick up 220g of Oaklands green beans (reduced from 95p); Oaklands sweet potatoes, loose (instead of £1/kg); 250g of Oaklands spinach (£1.19); 250g of Oaklands mini cucumbers (94p).

Lidl's selection of meat and fish offers this week offer you: 

  • Warren & Sons eight British pork sausages (454g) are down from £1.29 to 95p;
  • Coopers two garlic & herb chicken kievs (260g) were £1.49 but are now £1.15;
  • Lighthouse Bay two MSC cod fishcakes (270g) are 95p, reduced from £1.25;
  • Chef Select smoky BBQ pulled pork (380g) is down to £1.65 from £2.19.

Lidl’s While Stocks Last offerings haven’t changed this week, but we’re sure you’ll still enjoy the BBQ deals, including:

  • Birchwood Farm four smoky BBQ pulled pork burgers (454g) are £2.49;
  • Birchwood Farm four caramelised onion beef burgers (454g) are also £2.49;
  • Birchwood Farm three garlic & herb British beef sizzle steaks (315g) are £2.99;
  • Birchwood Farm two British lamb leg steaks with mint butter (340g) are £3.99.

Don’t miss out on Lidl’s Super Weekend offers:

  • Chilean Pedro Jimenez (75cl) is £1 cheaper at £2.99;
  • And Côtes du Rhône also has £1 knocked off the price at £2.99;
  • Dulano 14 Bavarian Bratwurst (300g) are down to 99p from £1.99.

Enjoy a Taste of Mexico this week with:

  • El Tequito salami Mexicana (80g) for 89p;
  • El Tequito tortilla chips (150g) are 49p;
  • El Tequito black beans (425g, 240g drained weight);
  • McIlhenny tabasco pepper sauce (57ml) is £1.49;
  • El Tequito stonebaked pizza (360g/350g) is 99p;
  • El Tequito burrito wrap kit (470g) is £1.49;
  • El Tequito taco dinner kit (320g) is £1.49;
  • Old El Paso burrito or quesadilla kit (620g/505g) is £1.75;
  • Old El Paso enchilada kit or tomato and pepper fajita kit (663g/500g) is also £1.75.

Find more deals on the Lidl website

Best supermarket deals


Save £1 on Seriously Strong extra mature cheddar (350g) and Seriously Strong mature cheddar (350g) at £2.

It’s nice to change up your steak selection every once in a while. Why not pick up three pack of Morrisons Albacore tuna steaks (220g) for £10?

Innocent smooth orange juice (1.35L) has £1.21 knocked off the price at £2.

There’s £4 knocked off the price of Johnnie Walker red whisky (70cl) at £16.

Pick up a pack of Richmond 14 thick frozen sausages (634g) for £2 instead of £2.87.

If you’re a fizzy drinks fan, there’s an online exclusive available on Diet Coke (30x330ml) at £7.75.

Making some brunch over the weekend? Morrisons The Best Scottish black pepper smoked salmon slices (120g) are down to £3.50 from £4.80.

Morrisons The Best ultimate pasta blognese (380g) has £1.10 knocked off the price at £2.50. The perfect no-fuss dinner.

Or if you’d like to share a pizza with friends, Morrisons pulled pork smokehouse pizza (571g) is 25p cheaper at £3.

Strongbow original (12x440ml) has £1.54 knocked off the price at £9.

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand an making a curry? Morrisons Authentic curry bundle is just £10, and included in the offer is:

  • Shazans chicken breast fillets (900g/1100g);
  • Morrisons brown onions (3pk);
  • Morrisons tomato puree (200g);
  • Morrisons mixed chillies (50g);
  • KTC minced paste garlic (210g);
  • Rajah paprika (100g);
  • KTC minced paste ginger (210g);
  • Rajah haldi ground turmeric (100g);
  • Rajah chilli powder (100g).

Find more deals on the Morrisons website

Best supermarket deals


Straight in with the booze. Abbazia prosecco extra dry NV (75cl) has £6 knocked off the price at £6.99.

Tropicana smooth orange juice (950ml) is almost £1 cheaper at £1.50, down from £2.48.

Save 20% on Cooks’ Ingredients diced pancetta (2x77g) at £1.99, down from £2.49.

There’s 1/3 savings to be had on Marlborough Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (75cl) at £6.99, reduced from £10.49.

Jazz up any pasta dish with Sacla’ classic basil pesto (190g) for £2, instead of £2.30.

Eden four mega burgers (680g) are £2 cheaper at £4.

Cool off in the summer heat with a Jimmy’s Iced low fat original coffee (330ml) with 59p knocked off the price at £1.

If you’d like to try an alternative to regular butter, why not give Meridian smooth cashew butter (170g) a try? It’s 25% cheaper at £2.24, down from £2.99.

Save £1.99 on Heinz Seriously Good mayonnaise (800ml) at £2.

If you’ve got cause for celebration this weekend, Lanson Black Label Special Edition brut champagne NV (75cl) is £10 cheaper at £23.99. Time to pop some bottles!

Find more deals on the Ocado website

Best supermarket deals


Save £1 on Walkers mega variety snacks (22pk) at £3.

McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes (36pk, 423g) are half price at £1.32.

There’s £2 knocked off the prize of Pizza Express margherita pizza (245g) at £2.25.

Stella Artois (15x284ml bottles) is £9.50, instead of £11.

Muller Corner banana & vanilla chocolate crunch yoghurt (6x135g) is down to £2 from £3.50.

Pick up a bottle of Valdo Marca Oro prosecco (75cl) for £7.25, reduced from £10.

The Famous Grouse blended whisky (1L) was £22 but is now £18.

If you enjoy a scoop of creamy and rich ice cream, you could pick up Kelly’s Cornish Honeycomb Crunch ice cream (950ml) for £2, reduced from £3.50.

Stock up on some lean protein in time for Meatless Monday with Quorn chicken nuggets (476g); Quorn meat-free mince (500g); Quorn pieces (500g); Quorn sausages (504g) all with £1 savings at £2.

Anchor (500g) and Anchor Lighter (500g) spreadable both have £1 knocked off the price at £2.

Save £1 on John West tuna chunks in water (4x160g) at £4.

Sainsbury’s large British pork loin joint is down to £4.50 per kg from £5.50 per kg.

Find more deals on the Sainsbury’s website


Birds Eye 12 beef burgers (680g) are half price at £1.99.

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise (800g) is also half price at £1.50.

Enjoy a taste of the cinema at home with Butterkist toffee popcorn (170g), which is also half price at 74p.

Save £1 on Walkers Classic Variety crisps (22x25g) at £3.

There’s 99p knocked off the price of Innocent apple and mango juice (1.35L) at £2.

Tesco two cod loins (280g) are £4, reduced from £5.

Superfruitii raspberry, cranberry and pomegranate (4x100g) is half price at £1.25.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, pick up a pack of either Nestle Milkybar desserts (2x70g) or Nestle Rolo desserts (2x70g) for half price at just 67p.

Pick up a delicious Tesco roast in bag whole pork, sage and onion stuffed chicken (1.5kg) for £4, reduced from £5.

Or if you fancy another kind of fowl, Gressingham duck breast fillets (397g) are down to £5 from £8.50.

As it’s BBQ season, it’d be rude not to stock up on meat. There’s a special purchase available on Tesco’s 12 1/4lb beef burgers (1362g) for £5.

Find more deals on the Tesco website


Save up to 25% on fridge fillers at Waitrose this week, including:

  • Tropicana smooth orange (950ml) is 25% off at £1.86, reduced from £1.86;
  • Save 1/3 on Activia strawberry yoghurts (4x125g) at £1.33, instead of £2;
  • There’s £1.20 knocked off the price of Seriously Strong extra mature red cheddar (350g) at £2.50;
  • Onken natural set yogurt (500g) has 25p knocked off the price at £1;
  • It’s time for some cooling soup this season, and Alvalle gazpacho original (1L) is down to £3 from £4.10;
  • Total Greek strained yoghurt (1kg) is £3.60 instead of £4.50;
  • Rebel Kitchen Raw Coconut Water (250ml) is £1.32, reduced from £1.99, saving you 1/3.

As ever, you can enjoy a selection of three-for-£10 offer on barbecue, chicken, meat and fish at Waitrose. And this week they’ve added pizzas to the mix too…

  • Waitrose four lamb & green pepper kofta kebabs (368g);
  • Waitrose six assorted mini burgers (360g);
  • Waitrose British hot & spicy chicken wings (700g);
  • Waitrose four minted lamb shish kebabs (280g);
  • Waitrose slow cooked pork rack of ribs (535g);
  • Waitrose four Hereford peppered steak burgers (454g);
  • Waitrose slow cooked rolled beef brisket (380g);
  • Waitrose salt beef (390g);
  • Waitrose six chicken & chorizo burgers (300g);
  • Waitrose cajun spiced chicken escalopes (272g);
  • Waitrose slow cooked miso maple pork (400g);
  • Waitrose hand stretched, thin & crispy chesnut mushroom, bacon & mascarpone pizza (440g);
  • Waitrose hand stretched, thin & crispy margherita pizza (400g);
  • Waitrose hand stretched, thin & crispy four seasons pizza (440g);
  • Waitrose Easy to Cook chicken breasts with cheese & bacon (307g).

And finally, if you prefer spirits in the sunshine, we think you might like the look of:

  • Tanqueray gin export strength (43.1% ABV) (70cl) is £16, reduced from £18;
  • Save £3 on The Famous Grouse Scotch whisky (70cl) at £13.50;
  • There’s £9.35 knocked off the price of Heston from Waitrose fruit cup (70cl) at £12;
  • Talisker Skye single malt Scotch whisky (70cl) is £14 cheaper at £25;
  • Martin Miller's gin (70cl) is down to £22.50 from £26;
  • Absolut Vodka (700ml) is £16 instead of £19.50.

Find more deals on the Waitrose website

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