Here are this week's best deals and offers from the big supermarkets.

All stores are listed alphabetically.


Aldi's Super 6 fruit and veg hasn't changed this week, but we think you'll still enjoy the offers up for grabs.

All items are available for 45p. Pick up an avocado (reduced from 95p), lemons (down from £1.09), onions (58p), mixed chillies (57p), garlic (85p) and cut coriander/parsley (65p).

Aldi’s Super 6 meat and fish selection includes:

  • Two garlic chicken kievs are £1.25, down from £1.49;
  • Unsmoked back bacon rashers are 40p cheaper at £2.19;
  • Brazilian style pork riblets are £2.49 (£6.23 per kg);
  • Buffalo chicken wings are £2.19 (£5.48 per kg);
  • Pork fillets with Cajun marinade are £6.49 per kg;
  • Cocopina jerk skirt steaks are £2.99 (£9.34 per kg).

Elsewhere in store, why not try your hand at some homemade fish and chips? Scottish haddock fillets are just £2.99 (£10.68 per kg).

Need food on the go? Harvest Morn porridge pots will send you along your way, and they’re only 39p!

Pick up a steal for your Sunday roast! Ashfield Farm beef roasting joint (1kg) is only £5.99.

Can’t choose between a white or wholemeal loaf? Both in One loaf is 45p.

Peking duck fans assemble! Appleby’s half duck with pancakes (570g) is only £4.49.

You could enjoy some jcod or haddock fishcakes for £1.15 (£4.26 per kg).

Find more deals on the Aldi website

Best supermarket deals

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Fancy an ale? Sharp’s Doom Bar Exceptional Amber Ales (6x500ml) are £2 cheaper at £8.

Capri-Sun blackcurrant drinks (10x200ml) are almost £1 cheaper at £2, reduced from £2.95.

Asda Butcher’s Selection Simply Cook Spanish Chicken Tray Bake (1025g) was £5.25 but is now £4.50. Doesn’t that sound inviting?

Save 70p on Flora Buttery Spread (500g) at £1.

Kellogg’s Special K chocolate & raspberry cereal bars (5x22g) are 99p cheaper at £1.

Pick up up some Shahi long gran basmati rice (5kg) for £3.80, instead of £5.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Tennessee whiskey (70cl) is £8 cheaper at £32.

Save yourself £1 on Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc (75cl) and unwind with a chilled glass this week.

Asda Extra Special whole free range corn fed chicken (typically 1.9kg) is a rollback offer this week at £3.25 per kg, reduced from £3.75 per kg.

Cadbury Pots of Joy desserts are half price this week! Choose either chocolate orange (4x70g) or caramel (4x70g) for just £1.

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Best supermarket deals

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This week’s 7-day deal is Wildlife strawberry & peach Fromage Frais (18x45g), which is half price at £1.

There’s 50p knocked off the price of Iceland Luxury 21-day matured British fillet steaks (170g) at £3.50.

Similarly, pick up a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream (500ml) for half price at £2.50. Go on, be a little decadent this week.

Iceland mild British cheddar cheese (800g) is 50p cheaper at £3.50.

Actimel 0% fat original (8x100g) has 90p knocked off the price at £2.

There’s 50p knocked off the price of Café Asia 20 onions bhajis (360g) at £1.50.

Bernard Matthews basted golden Norfolk chicken is £2 cheaper at £5.

If you’re at a loss as to which roast to choose this week, you could buy four-for-£10 in a mega deal.

  • Iceland Roast from Frozen easy carve boneless basted gammon joint with a honey glaze (700g);
  • Iceland Roast from Frozen boneless butter basted turkey breast joint with bacon (550g);
  • Iceland Roast from Frozen boneless butter basted chicken breast joint (550g);
  • Iceland Roast from Frozen boneless stuffed pork loin joint (600g).

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Lidl's Pick of the Week features four assorted fruit and veg for 69p. This week you can pick up 1kg of Oaklands baby potatoes (down from 80p), 220g Oaklands green beans (reduced from 89p), loose Oaklands courgettes (£1.49 per kg) and 770g of Oaklands funsize pears (90p).

Lidl's also has a selection of meat and fish offers available: 

  • Chef Select buffalo chicken wings (600g) are 60p cheaper at £2.39;
  • Chef Select smoky BBQ pulled beef (400g) also has 60p knocked off the price at £2.39;
  • Chef Select sweet BBQ pork rib rack (600g) was £2.99 but is now £2.39;
  • Lighthouse Bay breaded fish fillets (300g) are down to £1.35 from £1.69.

Don’t miss out on Lidl’s Super Weekend offers:

  • Sötma Swedish fruit cider (500ml) is half price at 79p.
  • Dulano authentic Bavarian bratwurst (300g) had £1 knocked off the price at 99p.
  • Italian Barolo red wine (75cl) is £4 cheaper at £4.99.

In the While Stocks Last offers it looks like Lidl is getting ready for BBQ season!

  • Birchwood Farm four smoky BBQ chicken mini fillet skewers (230g) is £2.99;
  • Birchwood Farm four minted lamb burgers (454g) is £2.49;
  • Birchwood Farm two peppered beef grillsteaks (340g) is £1.99;
  • Birchwood Farm garlic and herb skewers (260g) are £2.99.

It’s Scottish Week this week at Lidl, and there’s a lot of Scottish food and drink to enjoy:

  • Deluxe smoked Scottish salmon (100g) is £2.99;
  • Rivercote Scottish oatcakes (250g) are 59p;
  • Seriously Strong smooth & creamy mature cheddar (500g) is £3.49;
  • Oatilicious Scottish porridge oats (1kg) are just 99p;
  • Ocean Sea Scottish cooked mussels (450g) are £1.49;
  • Baxters vegetarian soups (400g) are 59p each;
  • The Great British Pudding company chicken & leek pudding (370g) is £1.49;
  • Graham’s Scottish vanilla ice cream (1L+1L extra free) is a steal at £2.49;
  • Lees’ snowballs or teacakes (14pk) are only 89p;
  • Stoats porridge oat bars (4x50g) are £1.99;
  • Whyte & Mackay blended Scotch whisky (70cl) is £11.99.

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Best supermarket deals

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There’s £1.70 knocked off the price of Lucozade Energy Original (6x380ml) at £2.

Ribena Blackcurrant (1.5L) is down to £3 from £3.74.

McVitie’s triple pack (750g) was £2.47, but is now £1.50.

Huge savings to be had on a thick British rump steak (typically 0.4kg) at £3.58, reduced from £5.87.

Innocent apple & berry family size juice (1.35L) is £2, reduced from £3.21.

Morrisons breaded haddock goujons (200g) were £2.86, but are now £2.50.

Stock up on Birds Eye petit pois (1.05kg) at £2.50, reduced from £3.27.

Save yourself £4 on Bombay London dry gin (1L) at £16.

You could pick up 1kg of Morrisons The Best Jersey Royals for £2, reduced from £3.97.

If you’re a whisky fan, you could pick up a bottle of Laphroiag Select whisky (70cl) for £27, instead of £30.

Don’t miss out on this delicious cheese deal! Cathedral City mature cheddar twin pack (2x350g) is £4, reduced from £6.94.

Birds Eye rice, quinoa & sweetcorn (360g) is half price at £1.

Caffeine alert! Douwe Egberts (190g) is reduced from £6.57 to £4.

We’re edging into summer, which means Pimm’s o’clock! A bottle of No.1 Original (1L) has £8 knocked off the price at £12.

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Best supermarket deals


As it’s the Bank Holiday weekend, Ocado have released a whole host of offers for you to take a look at. You could pick up:

  • Bombay Sapphire gin (70cl) for £17, saving you £4;
  • Carta Roja Crianza (75cl) is half price at £4.99;
  • Maybe you fancy an ice treat? Magnum classic ice cream (4x110ml) is £1.20 cheaper at £2;
  • Bubbles galore! Abbazia Prosecco extra dry NV (75cl) is down to £6.99 from £12.99;
  • Gordon’s gin & tonic (10x250ml) has £2 knocked off the price at £11;
  • Four Eden Mega Burgers (680g) are half price at £3;
  • Tropicana smooth orange juice (950ml) is almost £1 cheaper at £1.50, reduced from £2.48;
  • Save a third on Marlborough Ridge Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (75cl) at £7.66, reduced from £11.49.

Elsewhere in-store, there’s a whole host of half price offers up for grabs! Included in the deals:

  • Birds Eye 14 frozen fish fingers (350g) are £1.40;
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes triple pack is £1.59;
  • Lye Cross Farm mature cheddar (350g) is £2.34;
  • Quorn frozen mince (500g) is £1.39;
  • Birds Eye 12 Crispy Chicken Dippers (220g) are £1 (the heartburn is free);
  • McCain frozen chunky home chips(1kg) are £1.30;
  • Jordans Red Berries Frusli Bars (6x30g) are just 99p;
  • Beechdean indulgent vanilla ice cream (1L) is £1.40;
  • Daylesford organic beef mince 10% fat (500g) is £3.39;
  • Napolina bronze die spaghetti (500g) is £1;
  • Kumala Zenith Merlot Cabernet Shiraz (75cl) is £4.99.

Find more deals on the Ocado website

Best supermarket deals


Diet Coke (18x330ml) is £2.90 cheaper at £5.

Save yourself £1 on Casillero Del Diablo Merlot (75cl) at £6.50.

Sainsbury’s stonebaked margherita pizza 10” (290g) has £1.55 knocked off the price at £1.85.

Time to get pretty in pink! Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference sparkling pinot rosé (75cl) was £10, but is now £7.

There’s £1.60 knocked off the price of Hellmann’s Real Squeezy mayonnaise (750ml) at £2.

For some no fuss lamb, why not pick up a pack of Sainsbury’s British butterflied lamb leg (approx. 750g) for £10.50, reduced from £12.50.

Save yourself £1.10 on Nestle Cheerios cereal (375g) at £1.50.

Kenco Really Smooth coffee refill (150g) is down to £3 from £4.25.

There’s £1 knocked off the price of John West No Drain tuna steak with brine (3x120g) at £3.50.

If you like popping bottles, Bollinger Special Cuvee, NV (75cl) is £5 cheaper at £35.

Find more deals on the Sainsbury’s website

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Save £1 on Birds Eye 42 crispy chicken dippers (770g) at £3.

There’s £1 savings to be had per kg on Tesco counter British stewing beef at £7 per kg.

There are lots of half price offers available at Tesco this week including:

  • Boursin full fat garlic herb soft cheese (150g) and full fat pepper soft cheese (150g) at £1;
  • Oykos Whip & Mix blueberry yoghurt (4x92g) is £1.25;
  • Bangers and mash anyone? Richmond eight thick pork sausages (454g) are £1;
  • Tesco 10 pork sausage rolls (600g) are £1.25;
  • New Covent Garden potato and leek with chives soup (700g) is £1.17;
  • Or if you want offer that are even better than half price, Redmere Farms white potatoes (2.5kg) are 49p, reduced from £1.29.
  • And Cadbury Pots of Joy caramel (4x70g) are down to £1 from £2.40.

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This week, when you buy one Free-From product you can add the second half price. You could pick up:

  • Alpro Soya simply plain plant-based alternative to yoghurt (500g) is £1.50;
  • Patak’s plain poppadoms (8s) are £1.49, reduced from £1.99;
  • Oatly fresh oat drink (1L) is down to £1.12 from £1.50;
  • Young’s 12 gluten-free fish fingers (336g) are £2.50;
  • Co Yo Raw chocolate coconut milk yoghurt (125g) is £2;
  • Quorn gluten-free sausages (300g) are £2.49;
  • Amy’s Kitchen cheddar, rice & bean burrito (156g) is £2;
  • Natures Path crispy rice (284g) is £3;
  • Genius gluten-free sliced spicy fruit loaf (400g) is £2.30.

If your fridge needs filling, there’s 20% savings to be had!

  • Total Greek strained yoghurt (1kg) is down to £3.60 from £4.50;
  • Parmigiano Reggiano greated (80g) was £3.05 but is now £2.44;
  • Rachel’s organic low fat rhubarb yoghurt (450g) is £1.38, reduced from £1.85;
  • Innocent apple & elderflower juice (900ml) is 1/3 off at £1.66, down from £2.50.

Planning to barbecue in the rain this Bank Holiday weekend? Waitrose has some fabulous three-for-£10 meat offers, including:

  • Waitrose four lamb & green pepper kofta kebabs (368g);
  • Waitrose British hot & spicy chicken wings (700g);
  • Waitrose green Thai chicken kebabs (250g);
  • Waitrose Hereford lean beef mince, 10% fat (400g);
  • Waitrose chorizo style sausage whorls (400g);
  • Waitrose easy-to-cook two cod fish cakes with cheddar & lemon (315g);
  • Waitrose honey & mustard pork kebabs (483g);
  • Waitrose 23 Aberdeen Angus lightly seasoned beef meatballs (400g);
  • Waitrose jerk half chicken (679g);
  • Waitrose four pulled pork shoulder burgers (454g);
  • Waitrose two smoked Bavette steaks (280g);
  • Waitrose two hog roast pork burgers (380g);
  • Waitrose six Thai salmon mini burgers (360g).

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