Here are this week's best deals and offers from the big supermarkets.

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Note that some may be subject to availability and not available at convenience stores.


Aldi's Super 6 fruit and veg and Super 6 meat and fish selections haven't change this week, but we think you'll still enjoy what Aldi has to offer!

Aldi's Super 6 fruit and veg includes a range of items available for just 45p and 65p this week. Pick up a pineapple for just 45p (reduced from 95p), plums for 45p (down from 75p), funsize apples for 65p (instead of 76p), beetroot for 65p (99p), kale for 65p (69p) and oranges for 65p (99p).

Aldi’s Super 6 meat and fish selection includes:

  • Twin pack small gammon steaks at £1.19, reduced from £1.49;
  • Ready to Cook Cajun chicken fillets for £2.09, down from £2.49;
  • Specially Selected fishcakes are 30p cheaper at £1.59;
  • Two garlic chicken kievs were £1.49, now £1.25;
  • Specially Selected sausages have 30p knocked off the price at £1.49;
  • The Fishmonger salmon flakes are £1.89, reduced from £2.19.

There are also several great meat Specialbuys on offer, including:

  • Pepper & thyme pork loin steaks at £2.49;
  • British sweetcure gammon joint for £3.99;
  • Chicken breasts with Mediterranean vegetables for £2.99;
  • Lemon & ginger chicken in a bag at £3.79.

Get prepared for Easter with these Easter deals:

  • Choceur Easter egg for £2.99;
  • Pork leg joint (1kg) for £3.29;
  • Dairyfine Giant Easter bunny for £3.99;
  • Village bakery hot cross buns are 85p;
  • Scottish smoked salmon (100g) for £2.99.

Find more deals on the Aldi website

Best supermarket deals


Pick up a roast in time for Mother’s Day! Asda Butcher’s Selection large beef joint (typically 1.6kg) is now £8, reduced from £6.99 per kg to £5.

With Easter fast approaching, don’t miss out on Asda’s three-for-£10 Easter egg offer. You could pick up:

  • Scooby-Doo milk chocolate Easter egg and plush toy (45g);
  • Kinder Surprise Easter egg (pink or blue) (100g);
  • Snickers large Easter egg & two bars (274g);
  • Yorkie mug Easter egg (192g);
  • Thorntons Fruit Collection chocolate Easter egg (226g);
  • Rowntrees Randoms Easter egg (250g);
  • Marmite flavour chocolate Easter egg (160g) – you’ll either love it or hate it!

Asda four hot & spicy chicken breast fillets (400g) have 50p knocked off the price at £2.

There’s 85p knocked off the price of Albert Bartlett rooster chunky chips (900g) at £1.

Southern Comfort original (1L) is £5 cheaper at £23.

Villa Maria Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (75cl) was £13.98, but is now £10.

Jazz up your water with some Ribena blackcurrant squash (850ml) for £1.50, reduced from £2.46.

Save yourself £1 on Coors Light lager (20x330ml) at £12.

Don’t miss out on an Asda Baker’s Selection raspberry cheesecake for £2, reduced from £3.

Jacon’s TUC savoury favourites baked cheddars cheese biscuits (200g) are down to £1.50 from £2.19.

Find more deals on the Asda website

Best supermarket deals


It's not too late to treat your mum to breakfast in bed thanks to Iceland! The breakfast deal is just £5 and you'll get two mains, one loaf of bread and one pack of eggs. Pick from:


  • Iceland Luxury 6 British outdoor bred dry cured unsmoked back bacon (200g);
  • Iceland Luxury 6 outdoor bred dry cured oak smoked back bacon rashers (200g);
  • Iceland 6 Luxury outdoor bred premium pork sausages (400g);
  • Iceland 6 Luxury outdoor bred premium Cumberland sausages (400g).


  • Iceland Luxury white seeded farmhouse loaf (800g);
  • Iceland Luxury wholemeal seeded farmhouse loaf (800g);
  • Iceland Luxury oaty batch loaf (800g).


  • Iceland 6 large free range eggs

Having some friends over? Iceland classic dip selection (400g) is 50p cheaper at £1.50.

What ingredient should you never be without? Cheese of course! Iceland British mature cheddar (800g) was £4 but is now £3.50.

Save yourself £1 on Clover Spread (1kg) at £2.

Need some bacteria balancing yoghurt? Actimel strawberry (8x100g) have 90p knocked off the price at £2.

Cooked sliced ham (400g) was £1.75 but is now £1.50.

Start your morning off right with a balanced bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit ‘n Fibre (750g) at £2, reduced from £2.50.

As it’s getting closer to Easter we can treat ourselves to a little chocolate, right? Galaxy smooth milk (390g) has 25p knocked off the price at £2.

If you need your morning caffeine fix, pick up Kenco Smooth (100g) with £1.30 knocked off the price at £2.

Or if you like another kind of fix, Gordon’s Special London Dry Gin (70cl) is £1 cheaper at £12.99.

Find more deals on the Iceland website


Lidl's Pick of the Week features four assorted fruit and veg for just 69p. This week you can pick up 1kg of baby potatoes (reduced from 79p), 220g of green beans (down from 95p), 200g of British curly kale (89p) and butternut squash (90p/kg).

Lidl's also has a selection of meat and fish offers available with up to 20% savings: 

  • Chef Select lamb shank with mint gravy (450g) is down to £2.59 from £3.35;
  • Chef Select smoky BBQ pulled beef (400g) was £2.99 but is now £2.39;
  • Lighthouse Bay two sea bass fillets (180g) are £2.59, reduced from £3.29;
  • Birchwood Farm/Strathvale Farm lamb loin chops (400g) are £2.79 instead of £3.49.

Don’t miss out on Lidl’s Super Weekend offers including:

  • Casale ai Campi Chardonnay del Veneto (75cl) is down to £2.99 from £4.79;
  • Dulano chorizo was £2.39, but is now £1.19 (39.7p/100g);
  • Côtes du Rhône (75cl) has £1 knocked off the price at £2.99.

You can still pick up some Mother’s Day essentials including:

  • Birchwood Farm roast in the bag whole British chicken (1.6kg) for £3.99;
  • J.D. Gross praline selection (300g) also for £3.99;
  • Deluxe Sicilian lemon cheesecake (539g) is £2.99;
  • Cimarosa Sauvignon Blanc (75cl).

Find more deals on the Lidl website

 Best supermarket deals


Save yourself £1.48 on Ribena blackcurrant squash (850ml), now £1.

Or if you’d like some bubbles this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day, why not pick up a bottle of Veuve Devanlay Champagne Brut (75cl) with £6 knocked off the price at £14.

If you need to make dinner in a hurry, why not pick up a pack of Young’s fish steaks in butter sauce (4x140g), which are 77p cheaper at £3.

Cathedral City mature cheddar (350g) is down to £2 from £3.50.

Pick up some half price pizzas with Chicago Town deep dish four cheese pizzas (2x255g) at £1.

Birds Eye Omega 3 fish fingers (10pk, 280g) are 67p cheaper at £1.

There’s 48p shaved off the price of Kellogg’s Cornflakes (790g) at £2.

If you’re in need of a meat-free alternative, pick up a bag of Quorn frozen mince (300g) for half price at £1.  

Danone Light & Free strawberry yogurt (4x115g) was £2.47, but is now £1.

Who can ever say no to a pork pie? Morrisons Melton Mowbray mini pork pies (6x50g) have £1.20 knocked off the price at £1.

Find more deals on the Morrisons website

Best supermarket deals


You could pick up two packets of Ocado Gold hot cross buns (4pk) for just £2.50. The perfect Mother’s Day breakfast, or you could save them for Easter weekend!

Save yourself £1 on the adorable Lindt Gold chocolate milk bunny (200g) at £3.50.

Don’t miss out of the huge selection of half price offers at Ocado including:

  • The Black Farmer two free range chicken breast fillets (typically 360g) at £3.14;
  • McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes triple pack (36pk) at £3.19;
  • Jordans dark chocolate country crisp cereal (500g) is £1.34;
  • Nesquik chocolate flavour (300g) is £1.04;
  • Masse Brut Champagne NV (75cl) is a steal at £18.49;
  • Fry’s chicken-style frozen nuggets (380g) are £1.62;
  • Young’s frozen ocean pie (400g) is £1.25;
  • Young’s gastro frozen jumbo wholetail scampi (220g) is £3.

Elsewhere at Ocado, you can enjoy their buy any one add one free offer, and you could pick up:

  • Pringles original (190g) for £2.25;
  • Cheestrings original (12x20g) for £3.50;
  • Eden beef steak mice 15% fat (500g) is £2.74;
  • Eat Water slime rice (200g) is £1.24;
  • Chia Charge chia seeds (200g) are £2.99;
  • Philadelphia whipped plain (140g) is £1;
  • Uncle Bens wholegrain & quinoa rice (220g) is £1.

Find more deals on the Ocado website

Best supermarket deals


Why not pick up a bottle of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (75cl). It's £1 cheaper at £8.

Diet Coke (18x330ml) has £2.90 knocked off the price at £5.

McVitie’s Cheddars cheese biscuits (150g) are half price at 65p.

Don’t miss out on your morning caffeine fix! Nescafé Gold Blend instant coffee refill (150g) has 50p knocked off the price at £3.50.

Don’t miss out on Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference cooked & peeled jumbo king prawns (225g), down to £4 from £5.

Save yourself £1.25 on Cathedral City mature cheddar (350g) at £2.50.

If you’re in need of a little OJ this week, why not pick up some Tropicana Smooth orange juice (1.6L) at £2.50, instead of £3.60.

Muller Corner yogurt banana & vanilla chocolate crunch (6x135g) is £2 instead of £3.25.

Etienne Durmont Brut Champagne, NV (75cl) is down to £14 from £18.

Pick up Sainsbury’s stonebaked margherita pizza 10” (290g) for £2, reduced from £3.40.

If you need something a little extra to sauce up your dish, why not pick up some Philadelphia (180g) for £1, reduced from £1.60.

Don’t miss out on Sainsbury’s Scottish mild smoked salmon (120g) for £1.20, down from £1.75.

Find more deals on the Sainsbury’s website


Innocent Energise super smoothie (750ml) is down to £2 from £3.49.

Enjoy a special purchase offer this week on Bud Light (10x440ml) for just £7.

Save £1 per kg on a Tesco pork loin joint.

Coca Cola regular (24x330ml) is down to £6 from £7.

If you’re in need of an ice cream fix, you could pick up some Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream (500ml) for £2.50, reduced from £4.  

Save 50p on Tesco Finest six British pork and onion sausages (400g) at £2.

Tesco two cod loins (280g) are down to £4 from £5.

Bernard Matthews wafer thin turkey ham (250g) is half price at £1.

There’s £1 knocked off the price of Tesco Tex Mex beef burrito (430g) and Tesco Tex Mex chicken enchiladas (480g) at £2.

Quorn roast style sliced fillets (140g) are half price at £1.25.  

Find more deals on the Tesco website


It’s not too late to pick up some Mother’s Day deals at Waitrose! You could save 1/3 off the price off:

  • Waitrose six Yorkshire puddings (180g) now £1.13, reduced from £1.70;
  • Waitrose vegetable medley (250g) at £1.46, reduced from £2.49;
  • Waitrose roast potatoes (400g) which are £1.32, instead of £1.99;
  • Waitrose Aberdeen Angus topside of beef is £11.32 per kg, instead of £16.99 per kg;
  • Waitrose stock brined whole British chicken (1.5kg) is £4, down from £6;
  • Gressingham whole duck (2kg) was £16 but is now £10.66.

Elsewhere in-store, you could also pick up Stella Artois (4x330ml), Waitrose frozen beer battered onion rings (350g) and a pizza for just £5!

Choose from Waitrose frozen spicy pepperoni feast pizza (495g), Waitrose stone baked chargrilled vegetable & cheese pizza (376g), Waitrose frozen cheese feast pizza (495g) and more!

As always, there’s a three-for-£10 offer on a great selection of meat, fish and chicken. You could pick up:

  • Waitrose easy to cook British mini chicken breast joint (350g);
  • Waitrose Hereford lean beef mince, 10% fat (400g);
  • Waitrose Aberdeen Angus beef rump steak (200g);
  • Waitrose two garlic breaded whole chicken breast kievs (320g);
  • Waitrose essential New Zealand lamb mince (500g);
  • Waitrose easy to cook Cajun chicken breasts (270g);
  • Essential Waitrose six New Zealand lamb burgers (450g).

Find more deals on the Waitrose website

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