Here are this week's top offers at the big supermarkets. Note that some may be subject to availability and not available at convenience stores.

Free pancakes!

To help you get into the spirit of Pancake Day on February 28, TopCashback is offering new members the chance to get a free basket of pancake ingredients worth up to £5.

All you need to do is sign up to TopCashback and shop for your pancake day essentials – which can include but are not limited to: eggs, milk, flour, lemon and sugar – in-store at any supermarket.

Then you just need to upload a picture of your receipt via the app or website. The receipt must show the date, time of purchase, the retailer's name and the items purchased that are eligible for cashback.

Cashback of up to £5 will be paid within 30 days. The offer is valid until 5 March 2017 or until 2,5000 redemptions have been made.


Aldi's Super 6 fruit and veg offers a range of items available for just 69p. This week’s selection hasn’t changed, meaning you can still choose from funsize pears (reduced from 85p), blueberries (down from £1.79), lemons (95p), mini bananas (99p), funsize easy peelers (85p) and limes (99p).

Aldi’s Super 6 meat and fish selection is also unchanged, so you can still pick up:

  • Butcher’s Select sausages, 20p cheaper at £1.09;
  • Gammon steak with butter was £1.99 now £1.69;
  • Duck breast portions have 50p knocked off the price at £2.79;
  • Breaded fish fillets are £1.39 instead of £1.69;
  • Chicken goujons were £1.39 but are now £1.15;
  • Smoked salmon is £2.35 instead of £2.79.

There are also several great Fresh Meat Specialbuys on offer, including:

  • American style streaky back bacon for £1.29;
  • Pork, black pudding and apple sausages for £1.79;
  • Butterflied Cajun lamb leg joint is £3.99;
  • British chicken breast fillets are £9.99.

Elsewhere, you could pick up a 12-pack of large free range eggs for £1.75. This offer is only available in-store.

Start your morning off with some delicious Specially Selected luxury croissants (x4) for just £1.65.

Pick up a juicy 21-day matured rib eye steak for £3.09, throw in a pack of potato wedges (92p per kg) for just 69p and stuffed mushrooms (£7.16 per kg) for £1.79 and you’ve got a decent meal!

Smoked mackerel fillets (67.5 per 100g) are tempting at £1.35.

Treat yourself to some French Camembert (£3.69 per kg) for 99p.

Taurus pear cider (4x440ml) is a steal at £1.99.

Find more deals on the Aldi website

Best supermarket deals


There’s 75p off Princes tuna in brine (3x160g) at £2.

Maggi So Juicy mixed herbs chicken scahets (30g) are 30p cheaper at 65p.

Birds Eye peri peri chicken chargrills are 50p cheaper at £1.

McCain Shake Shake sea salt and cracked black pepper fries are down to £1.50 from £2.

Pick up three KTC chopped tomatoes in tomato juice (400g) for £1 or 38p each.

Save 15p on Green Giant original sweetcorn (198g) now 50p.

Cathedral City mature cheddar twin pack (2x350g) has £1 off at £4.

Get prepared for pancake day! Asda pancake batter mix (155g) was £1 but is now 85p.

Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream (500ml) is almost half price at £2.50, instead of £4.80.

Save 50p on Bonne Maman chocolate mousse (x4).

Stock up on La Moneda Reserva Malbec (75cl) now £4.50, down from £5.98.

There’s £1 off Diet Coke (8x33ml), now £2.50.

What a bargain! Fairy All In One lemon dishwasher tablets (x50) are £9 instead of £12.

Find more deals on the Asda website

Best supermarket deals


Try something a bit different. Pizza Express caprina goat’s cheese and tomato pizza (331g) is now £1, instead of £1.50.

Treat yourself to Ben & Jerry’s Empowermint ice cream (500ml) now £2.50 instead of £3.

Save 68p on Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut honey and nut flakes (500g) now £2.

Uncle Ben’s medium chilli sauce (675g) is now half price at £1.

Richmond Irish recipe eight thick pork sausages (364g) are half price at 75p.

Birds Eye 28 Omega 3 fish fingers big value pack (784g) is now just £3, down from £4.

Stocking up on chips or fries? Iceland have a three-for-£5 offer on McCain products, including:

  • McCain crispy sweet potato fries (500g);
  • McCain spicy peri-peri fries (750g);
  • McCain lightly-spiced curly fries (750g);
  • McCain triple cooked gastro chips (700g).

Packs of Diet Coke (6x33ml) are £1 cheaper at £3.

Comfort Strawberry and Lily Kiss fabric conditioner (57 washes) has £1 knocked off the price at £3.

Find more deals on the Iceland website


Lidl's Pick of the Week features four assorted fruit and veg for just 59p. This week you can pick up 350g of closed cup mushrooms (reduced from 73p), 500g of British Chantenay carrots (down from 85p), 1kg of sweet potato (95p) and a cauliflower (89p).

Lidl’s fresh meat and fish offers are also worth a look. This week you can pick up:

  • Fairview Farm xxl pork loin steaks (1kg) for £5.49;
  • Birchwood Farm xxl British beef roasting joint (2-3kg) for £5.69 per kg;
  • Lighthouse Bay two xxl MSC cod fillets for £2.89;
  • Birchwood Farm xxl British boneless pork leg joint (2.5-3.5kg) for £2.99 per kg.

Don’t miss out on Lidl’s While Stocks Last selection! There are great value products available for a limited time at low prices: 

  • Birchwood Farm British pork loin joint (800g) is £3.99;
  • Deluxe 12 Aberdeen Angus British beef meatballs (360g) are £2.49;
  • Chef Select chicken breast joint (640g) is £4.99.

You can also pick up the essentials for pancake day on 28 February, including:

  • Vitafit lemon juice (200ml) for 32p;
  • Woodcote six medium free range eggs for 79p;
  • Mcennedy pancake mix it (200g) for 99p;
  • Deluxe pure Canadian maple syrup (250ml) for £2.99;
  • Oaklands blueberries (125g) for 91p.

It’s Italian Week at Lidl and to celebrate there’s special offers on the Italiamo range including

  • Italiamo prosciutto crudo (approx. 1.2kg) for £9.99;
  • Italiamo mixed Mediterranean antipasti platter (460g) for £2.99;
  • Italiamo frutti di mare (300g) for £2.99;
  • Italiamo Italian soup (390ml) for 79p;
  • Italiamo fritto misto (300g) for £1.99;
  • Italiamo balsamic sauce (250ml) for £1.49
  • Italiamo wood-fired oven pizza (400g) for £1.99
  • Italiamo fresh filled pasta (250g) for 99p;
  • Italiamo Italian ice cream (200g) for 99p;
  • Italiamo tiramisu (500g) for £1.49.

Find more deals on the Lidl website

 Best supermarket deals


Get weekend breakfast sorted. Warburtons giant crumpets (x2) are two for £1.

Morrisons plain tortilla wraps (x8) are down from 96p to 90p.

Want to jazz up your lunches? New Covent Garden chicken and chorizo jambalaya (600g) is half price at £1.

Big Fish Company jumbo giant prawns (150g) are on offer for £3.50 instead of £3.91.

Save on British rib eye steak (225g), now part of the two for £7 deal.

Need the meat for your roast? Market Deals whole lamb leg (typically 2.5kg) is £5.97 per kg.

Save 27p on Birds Eye Field Fresh garden peas (1.58kg) now £3.

Heinz Beanz (4x415g) is now £2 instead of £2.58.

Cathedral City Lighter mild (550g) is £2.50 cheaper at £3.

 Save 47p on Aunt Bessie’s golden Yorkshire puddings (220g) now just £1.

There’s £1.17 knocked off Magnum classic ice creams (4x110ml) now £2.

Tropicana pressed apple juice (950ml) is now £1.50 instead of £2.48.

Finish Powerball All In One Max lemon dishwasher tablets (x52) were 16 now £7. That’s better than half price!

Bombay Sapphire London Gin (70cl) is down to £15 from £20. 

Find more deals on the Morrisons website

Best supermarket deals


Start your morning off with Nestlé Cheerios (375g), now half price at £1.24

Tilda steamed Basmati rice (250g) is now £1, down from £1.59.

John West tuna chunks in spring water (3x120g) are £1 cheaper at £4.

Save £1.50 on Napolina chopped tomatoes (4x400g), now £2.

Walkers Classic Variety crisps (14x25g) are 95p cheaper at £2.

Eden 12 Hereford beef meatballs (336g) are half price at £2.

Pure Irish organic two rump steaks (450g) were £10, now just £6.66.

Saint Agur blue cheese (250g) is 25% cheaper. Pick up a pack for £2.66 instead of £3.55.

There’s 25% of a bottle of Abbazia Fiorino Prosecco (75cl) now £6.74 instead of £8.99.

Stock up on red: Camp Viejo Rioja Tempranillo (75cl) is still on offer at £6.

An 18-pack of Andrex Classic Clean loo roll was £8.25 now just £7.

Fairy Platinum All In One lemon dishwasher tablets (x55) are half price at £9.

There’s also a range of offers on Pancake Day essentials:

  • McDougalls plain flour (1.25kg) is now £1, instead of £1.42;
  • Two Chicks gluten and lactose free pancake mix (500g) now £2.99 instead of £3.99;
  • Jiff lemon juice (250ml) is half price at 60p;
  • Frylight sunflower oil spray (190ml) is £1.75, down from £2.30;
  • Joe & Seph’s salted caramel sauce (230g) is down to £3.43 from £4.29;
  • Rowse Blossom pure and natural squeezable honey (340g), now £2.13 instead of £2.85;
  • 20% off Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread (400g) now £2, instead of £2.50.

Find more deals on the Ocado website

Best supermarket deals


Save £1 on Nescafe Azera Americano barista style instant coffee tin (100g) now £3.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Soft and Fruity strawberry-flavour bars (6x37g) are 50p cheaper at £1.50.

Save £1 on Princes tuna chunks in spring water (4x160g), now £3.

Sainsbury’s Korean BBQ chicken curry (380g) is £3, down from £3.70.

Pick up Sainsbury’s coconut milk (400ml) with 45p off at £1.

Cathedral City mature cheddar (550g) is £1 cheaper at £3.50.

There’s 50p off McCain spicy peri peri fries (750g) now £2.

Tyrells mixed root vegetable crisps (150g) are £2, instead of £2.75.

Coke Zero (8x330ml) is 60p cheaper, now £3.

Stella Artois lager (18x440ml) is down to £13 instead of £15.

Stock up on nine Andrex loo rolls for £4, saving you 75p.

Fairy lemon dishwasher tablets (x61) are £10, down from £13.

Find more deals on the Sainsbury’s website


Petits Filous strawberry and raspberry fromage frais (6x47g) is half price at 75p.

Save 80p on Bertolli Original spread (500g), now just £1.

Tesco curly kale (206g) was £1, now 79p.

Tesco Ripe and Ready kiwis (x4) are 50p cheaper at £1.

 Save 24p on John West Tuna Infusions soy and ginger (80g), now £1.25.

Linda McCartney six vegetarian sausage rolls (342g) are three-for-£5.

Tesco Roast In a Bag whole chicken with pork sage and onion stuffing (1.5kg) is £4 instead of £5.

Give your salad a kick with Tesco Finest sweetfire baby beetroot (180g) now £1, down from £1.50.

Treat yourself to some Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream (500ml), reduced from £4 to £2.50.

You can pick up lots of half price offers at Tesco this week, including:

  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Select Light (1L) is now 99p;
  • Philadelphia Sensations whipped garlic & herb (140g) is £1;
  • Activia Intensely Creamy cherry yoghurt (4x110g) is £1.20;
  • Onken Porridge 2 Go classic (150g) is 62p;
  • Walls 10 cocktail sausage rolls (300g) are £1;
  • Thornton’s brownie bites (x10) are now 70p;
  • Belvita soft bakes chocolate chip (250g) are now £1.39.

Find more deals on the Tesco website


Take advantage of a 30p saving on Waitrose perfectly ripe avocados now 99p each.

Robinsons No Added Sugar apple and blackcurrant squash (1L) is 49p cheaper at £1.

Bag a third off Waitrose unsmoked British back bacon (250g), now £2.32.

Save 25% on Fish Hoek South African Shiraz (70cl) now £5.99.

Regina xxl kitchen towel is now half price at £1.49.

Andrex Classic white loo rolls are now £3.50, down from £4.45.

Finish Power & Pure Quantum Max (x60) is half price at £10.

Meat and fish in the three-for-£10 range this week include:

  • Essential Waitrose British chicken breast fillets (300g) at £4;
  • Waitrose two boneless wild Alaskan Keta salmon fillets (220g) at £4.49;
  • Essential Waitrose British diced beef braising steak (400g) at £4.19;
  • Essential Waitrose Biritsh chicken mini fillets (350g) at £4;
  • Waitrose lemon sole goujons in crunchy breadcrumbs £4.49;
  • Essential Waitrose British chicken (1.3kg) for £4

There’s 25% off Fairtrade products in aid of Fairtrade Fortnight, including:

  • Waitrose pistachio, hazlenuit and almond milk chocolate (85g) was £1.60, now £1.20;
  • Waitrose Sumatra Mandheling 100% Arabic coffee beans (227g) was £3.29, now £2.46;
  • Waitrose Nepal Panchthar pyramid bags (15x30g) was £3.45, now £2.58.

Take advantage of the special Pancake Day offers including:

  • Essential Waitrose plain white flour (1.5kg) was 99p, now 67p;
  • Lyles golden syrup (325g) was £1.57, now £1.17;
  • Nutella hazelnut spread (400g) was £2.50, now £1.87;
  • Jiff squeezy lemon juice (55ml) was £50, now 37p;
  • Waitrose golden caster sugar (1kg) was £2.19, now £1.64.

Find more deals on the Waitrose website

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