A new trial will allow GPs to track all the Tesco purchases made by certain shoppers in a bid to get them to make healthier choices.

We explain how the Clubcard scheme works, and look at whether it could be rolled out nationwide.

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Volunteers only

GPs in Oxford have been asked to nominate 112 at-risk patients to take part in the trial, which will start in early 2018.

The volunteers will have their weight and cholesterol checked by GPs and a nurse will spend 15 minutes highlighting unhealthy purchases and suggesting alternatives.

They’ll do the test again three months later to see if the advice has had an impact on the volunteers’ shopping habits. Participants will get a £10 gift voucher in return for taking part.

If it’s a success, the scheme could be rolled out nationwide.

Critics have slated the trial as snooping, but Tesco stresses the scheme is optional and that it would never share customer data without permission.


This scheme is not without its issues. As with other ideas in the past, like including a traffic light system on shoppers' receipts, data could be skewed if the person is shopping for their entire family or they're hosting a party, for instance. 

It could also be manipulated if shoppers simply go elsewhere when they want to buy a chocolate bar and don't want their GP to know.

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