As the price of playing the National Lottery and EuroMillions continues to rise more and more free lotteries are appearing online.

The prizes aren’t as big, but you don’t lose anything as all of them are free to enter. Here’s a guide to the UK’s best free lotteries.

Raffler – Win £1,000 every day

Raffler offers a daily jackpot of at least £1,000. To enter you have to register on the site and watch two 30-second adverts.

The company takes the money it makes from those adverts to create the prize draw.

The winner is drawn every day at 7pm, but if they don’t log in and claim their prize within 24 hours the money rolls over. The biggest rollover so far took the jackpot up to £4,000.

You can download an app to your smartphone and it will remind you to check if you’ve won.

Free Postcode Lottery – Daily prizes start from £300

With this free lottery you need to visit the website and enter your postcode and email address. Your postcode will then be entered into the draw every day.

There is a daily prize of £300, but again if it isn’t claimed within 24 hours it rolls over. In the past this has meant the prize fund has grown to as much as £1,250.

When we last checked the jackpot was £900.

You just need to remember to log in every day to see if you have won. But, as this is a postcode lottery, you’ll share the jackpot with any of your neighbours who are also registered on the site and remember to check the draw.

The more neighbours who sign up the more chance there is of your postcode getting drawn, but you will have to share the prize.

DOB Lotto - £50 daily jackpot

Like the Free Postcode Lottery you sign up on the website and enter your date of birth into the draw. If your day, month and year of birth are drawn you will win £50.

You have to log in and claim your prize, it won’t be paid out automatically.

Lucky Phone – Win up to £1,000

This is another daily prize draw like the Free Postcode Lottery or DOB lotto, except this time you enter your phone number in order to win.

Prizes range from £10 to £1,000 and the draw takes place at midnight. If you match every digit of your phone number you’ll win but you need to claim your prize the following day or it is lost.

There are daily draws for £10, £20 and £1,000 but there are only guaranteed winners for the first two draws.

You can sign up at

Number Plate Lotto – Daily prize starting from £10

By now I assume you are starting to get the idea with these free lotteries.

This one draws a random vehicle number plate every day. You register your number plates at and if you match you win. Again, you have to check the site daily in order to claim.

The prize starts at £10, growing each day it isn’t claimed, when I checked it was up to £70.

Free Emoji Lottery – £5 daily prize

With this one you select five emojis and enter them. If your emojis match the ones drawn daily you could win the prize. You’ll need to check daily to see if you’ve won.

You can register at

Weekly Postcode Lottery – The prize varies

Register your postcode at and you’ll be entered into the weekly draw.

The prize depends on the amount of money the website has generated through advertising that week.

This lottery is a bit different in that it will notify you if you’ve won – the prize is drawn at 10pm on Sundays. However, you have to re-register every week in order to be entered.