A new survey says Wolverhampton is the least prosperous place in the UK

Thinktank the Legatum Institute has published its first ever ‘Geography of Prosperity’ Index, which is based on both the average income per person and a happiness score.

It revealed a number of interesting trends, including the fact that Scotland beats England’s level of average prosperity.

However, both are beaten overall by Northern Ireland, as a result of “high life-satisfaction” scores. Three areas in Northern Ireland – West/South Northern Ireland, Outer Belfast and East of Northern Ireland – make it into the top 10 when it comes to life-satisfaction.

Interestingly though it’s the second poorest of the four nations of the UK, with an average income of just £17,900. Clearly there is more to happiness than just money!

The study uses local GDP figures and Office for National Statistics data to rank a total of 170 areas across the UK.

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The MOST prosperous places to live

Here’s how the top five shape up:

#1 - Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea

#2 - Westminster

#3 - Wandsworth

#4 - Camden and the City of London

#5 - Outer Hebrides

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The LEAST prosperous places to live

And at the other end of the spectrum, the least prosperous places in the UK are:

#1 - Wolverhampton

#2 - Sandwell (West Midlands)

#3 - Blackpool

#4 - Liverpool

#5 - East Derbyshire

Sian Hansen, executive director of the Legatum Institute, said that the index shows that prosperity is about more than just wealth. She added: “Some of the most prosperous areas of the country are those where, regardless of their income, people have the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling and prosperous lives.”

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