Sixty years since the introduction of standard road signs in the UK, a study has shown that 90 per cent of UK drivers find at least one of them confusing.

A third of drivers cannot recognise the National Speed Limit sign, and 40 per cent are baffled by the 'no vehicles' symbol, according to the research conducted by car finance expert Zuto.

Some 13 per cent of people thought that the 'cars and motorcycles prohibited' sign meant precisely the opposite - that motor vehicles are permitted.

Signs like 'no horse drawn vehicles' and 'no vehicles carrying explosives' may have limited application, but the proportions of people who would not recognise them at the side of the road are alarming. One in ten people said they found the 'men at work' sign sexist.

Nearly half of all drivers think that there are too many signs on the road and around one in 20 stated they had made driving mistakes because of confusing road signs.