Dashboard-mounted cameras have doubled in popularity in the last year, according to an RAC survey.

It is now estimated that 2.9 million British motorists are driving with a dash-cam fitted.

Nearly one in eight men (13%) own one, with just 4% of women having bought one. Older drivers, often considered to be the road network's slowest, are most likely to own a dash-cam, with 22% of those in possession of one aged over 50.

Apparently, more than half the country's drivers are actually considering buying one.

Almost a quarter of people believe driving with a camera on board would improve their driving, whether they appreciated the surveillance or not.

One in five people questioned said they had been involved in an accident where there was a dispute over who was at fault. Of those, 69% believed a dash-cam would have helped them solve their case.

The RAC has introduced a discount to its own insurance scheme for when the insured driver uses an RAC-supplied dash-cam. The firm's survey suggests that 63% of people think such schemes should be made commonplace.

RAC head of retail Lynn Hayzelden said: "We have seen a surge in the number of dash-cams purchased from racshop.co.uk in 2015 and, as the results suggest, this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

"Not only do dash-cams encourage safer driving and provide excellent protection against insurance fraud, they can also now save you money on your car insurance.

"We've listened to what motorists want and are pleased to announce that we are now offering a £30 discount to our motor insurance customers who have one of our five RAC dash-cams installed."