Feast your eyes on Jet Reaction – a British-built and driven jet-powered bike which is preparing for an assault on the world two-wheeled land speed record.

Powered by a specially-modified helicopter engine and capable of travelling the length of a football pitch in the blink of an eye, the sleek cycle is being tested in the UK later this month before its record attempt in the USA in September.

The 20-foot long bike, capable of travelling at speeds of up to 450mph, was conceived and built by Richard Brown, 50, an engineer from Oxfordshire. No stranger to the world of speed, in 1999 he came tantalisingly close to breaking the record (then 322.150mph) when his vehicle, the Mach 3 Challenger, reached an officially-recorded speed of 332.887mph.

This was the fastest speed ever seen on two wheels at that time. However, unable to complete a return run on the bike due to track conditions, he could not be awarded the world record.

Video: See the 400mph jet-powered bike in action

Now, conditions permitting, he will test the bike from May 23-25 at Pendine Sands in Wales, before heading to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where he hopes to capture the record - which currently stands at 376.363mph - while travelling 586 feet every second.

The video above is a computer-generated animation of Jet Reaction racing across the salt flats, combined with live footage of Richard piloting the bike.

Jet Reaction, the jet-powered British bike that will attempt to break the world two-wheeled land speed record in September, in its stripped-down form.

"An outright Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme land speed record is one of the finest opportunities any team can have to demonstrate engineering innovation,” he said.

“It is also an opportunity to demonstrate how a small team of talented individuals without vast financial support can produce a world-class vehicle."