This is the moment a pair of cheeky police officers parked illegally so they could pick up their lunch.

The officers stopped their Hyundai patrol car on double-red lines - where vehicles are not allowed to stop at any time of the day.

But this was no emergency - not unless you count a savoury snack as being worthy of a 999 call. 

As the officers returned to their car, they were photographed holding the lunch they had just purchased from Borough Market in London.

Chris Thompson, an office worker in Southwark, said: "I thought something relatively serious must be going on to warrant parking there, but as I walked by, two police officers arrived at the car carrying food from the market!

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"I'm as big a sucker as anyone for Borough Market grub, but I think it's a bit naughty if the police were abusing their authority by parking on double red lines.

"The public wouldn't get away with it, so why should the police?"

Image credit: SWNS