More than a quarter of a million UK drivers were caught driving without valid insurance in one 18-month period.

And in that January 2014 to June 2015 period, 11,000 drivers were prosecuted twice for the same offence.

A total of 256,045 drivers in the UK were fined an average of £372 and had their driving licence endorsed with six penalty points. Those drivers caught twice in this period would amass 12 points and risk a driving ban on the totting up system.

However, by June 2015 921 drivers still held a valid driving licence despite having 12 or more points on their licence. Two drivers were allowed to continue driving even though they had accumulated 26 penalty points.

Official figures suggest there are on million uninsured drivers on the UK's roads, costing other motorists £400 million per year in increased insurance premiums and court costs.

Steve Barrett, head of car insurance at Churchill, said: "Uninsured drivers are still a major issue, despite measures put in place to try and improve the situation. There needs to be greater investment in police resources to check that the motorists behind the wheel are insured to drive the vehicle.

"It's shocking that someone can have almost 30 points on their licence but still be able to drive. We need to crack down on these irresponsible drivers and put even tougher laws in place to ensure our roads remain safe."