Almost two-thirds of drivers in Scotland say they have driven while feeling tired, according to research.

The survey found 61% of motorists north of the border have got behind the wheel while fatigued, the highest proportion of any region in the UK.

More than a quarter (26%) admitted they have spoken on a mobile phone while driving, while a further 19% have sent a text from behind the wheel.

The research was conducted by YouGov on behalf of claims portal

John Quail, managing director of, said: "These statistics show a concerning trend in drivers not paying close enough attention to the roads.

"Time and time again we see a whole host of road traffic accidents which could have been avoided if drivers stopped using their mobile phones as well as being more alert when driving.

"One issue which particularly shocked me was the huge 61% of drivers in Scotland admitting to having driven when tired. The dangers of getting behind the wheel when tired can often be overlooked or downplayed, when in fact driving when tired is extremely serious and can cause fatal accidents."

According to the latest research from the Department for Transport, being tired behind the wheel could be a contributory factor in as many as 20% of road accidents, said.

Mr Quail said: "I hope that these shocking results from the YouGov survey show the importance of spreading awareness of the dangers of driving when tired, and how this can impact severely on your driving ability."

The survey of 1,747 drivers, including 146 from Scotland, was carried out online on July 13 and 14.