A majority of drivers in the UK believe in-car dash cameras would stop crash for cash fraudsters and prevent bogus insurance claims.

It has been revealed 71% of British drivers think in-car dash cams are the best way to achieve this.

Research by the Association of British Insurers shows car insurance fraud is at an all-time high, reaching £811 million in 2013.

Much of this is attributed to crash for cash, where a criminal deliberately causes an accident to make an insurance claim for damage to their car and injury to the occupants.

This type of false claim is adding £90 per year to the average driver's premium.

In-car dash cams have been proven to reduce this type of crime dramatically as it shows the criminal's poor driving is to blame for the collision.

Glen Mullins, managing director of Vision Unique Equipment (VUE), said: "There are approximately 23.3 million private cars on UK roads and fraudulent insurance claims are costing British drivers thousands of pounds each year, as well as driving up premiums.

"Many crash for cash fraudsters have witnesses on hand to claim that the crash was the other driver's fault, enabling them to make an insurance claim for the damage, as well as whiplash injuries. Dash cam technology is the only way to prove what actually happened."

A survey by VUE found that 40% of UK drivers are now considering fitting a dash cam to their car.