The United Kingdom has become the whiplash injury capital of the world, according to figures.

There are more than 1,500 insurance claims for whiplash every day in the UK; an astonishing figure that ultimately costs insurers more than £472 million every year in payouts - and raising everyone's premiums.

A sharp rise in the number of whiplash injury claims is blamed on no-win, no-fee claims companies and also because 11% of drivers in the UK see nothing wring with making a bogus claim for whiplash in the event of a collision.

A spokesman for one insurance firm said: "Whiplash type injuries are mostly subjective and so easy to fake and exaggerate, making it a common claim for fraudsters.

"Many people develop neck pain following a car bump, but the majority are simple soft tissue injuries and are not worthy of a serious whiplash claim. Accident management companies often set targets for their employees on making referrals for whiplash when a new accident is reported, which is a massive part of the problem."

Some insurance companies are now introducing tracking technology to be fitted to their customers' cars. This technology can measure the impact of a collision that tells the insurer if the accident was sufficient to cause whiplash worthy of making a claim.

Ed Rochfort, of Carrot Car Insurance, commented: "The steady rise in false whiplash claims is proving to be a real issue for the motor industry and a radical solution is urgently needed. In the past, insurance companies have looked to car manufacturers to improve seat and head restraint designs.

"We predict that black box technology could reduce the number of false claims by over 10% in the next five years, eventually helping to lower the cost of car insurance for honest motorists. As the industry continues to attempt to tackle false whiplash claims, telematics should be at the forefront of its mind."