The moment a cyclist was punched in the face on a busy London street has been captured by another rider’s camera.

The grainy footage shows a white Audi pulling into an advanced stop box, even though the lights are red and the box is full of cyclists.

When one cyclist tells the motorist he’s in a ‘bike box’, the driver speeds off. The cyclist, undeterred, gives chase.

The cameraman catches up with both at the next set of traffic lights, recording the cyclist’s rant at the driver before capturing the moment the cyclist is punched in the face and pushed into a taxi.

It is unclear whether the attacker is the driver or a passenger in the Audi.

The incident took place at the junction of Farringdon and Clerkenwell Roads at 9.15am on January 23.

Cycle rage - moment man is attacked

The cameraman, known only as Jude, uploaded the footage captured on his head-cam to YouTube, and is now trying to find the cyclist to see if he wants to take the matter further.

“I have reported this to the police, I am trying to find the cyclist as I tried to tell him I had it on video, but he looked pretty dazed. Need him to report the incident in order to get prosecutions,” he wrote.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said they are ‘keen’ for the victim to contact them so they can investigate the incident.

The clip, which has so far been viewed more than 250,000 times, has received a mixed response on YouTube, with some claiming the cyclist was ‘asking for it’ because he reprimanded the motorist.

Advanced stop boxes – also called advanced stop lines – are in place to give cyclists room in front of queuing traffic. Crossing an advanced stop line to enter the box when the lights are red carries a £50 penalty.