Sign painters highlighted an embarrassing spelling mistake when they gave a misspelt car park sign a fresh coat of paint.

Workers contracted by car park operator NCP repainted “Yellow bays 20 minuites max parking” outside Cambridge train station on Friday.

The big yellow letters were originally painted across the short stay car park tarmac two years ago, but instead of correcting the mistake, the clanger was made even clearer.

"It's rather embarrassing having such an obvious spelling mistake in Cambridge, which is one of the most famous university cities in the world," said commuter Paul Stevens, 38, from Cambridge.

"I thought the workmen were coming to correct it when I saw them with the yellow paint, but in fact they just made it clearer."

Workers have since tried to cover up the blunder by covering up the extra letter with black paint – but as the photo shows, it is still pretty obvious.

"We contracted out the job and the workmen were swiftly made aware of the error, said a NCP spokeswoman.

"We apologise for the mistake and are glad it managed to put a smile on some faces.

"It will be corrected on Monday - but only once the workers have completed a spelling bee!”