Cyclists who ignore red lights, sail down one-way streets the wrong way and ride on pavements have been framed and shamed by another rider.

A YouTube user who calls himself Careful Cyclist has put together footage of cyclists behaving badly.

The incidents were captured by a helmet camera in York and uploaded to the video sharing site with the title ‘York Cyclists: Episode One’.

During the three-minute video, which can be viewed above, dozens of cyclists are seen flouting the Highway Code in all sorts of ways – from riding into incoming traffic to text messaging while cycling.

It proves a nail-biting watch as cyclists head into near misses with cars and one even flies over the handlebars after trying to take off his coat while riding.

The amateur filmmaker has been cycling in and around York for 30 years, reports YorkMix.

The 53-year-old told the city’s news website that he filmed the footage to highlight the recklessness of the minority of cyclists and said he was working on framing and shaming drivers who break the law.

“Cyclists are taking more risks,” he said.

“I have, on a number of occasions, nearly been hit by inattentive or poor drivers.

“If you combine poor driving with reckless cycling more and more people are going to get injured. Some fatally.”

He hoped the families of cyclists would see the footage and stop them from putting others at risk.

“The cyclists involved should stop and think, is this risk I am taking worth it?” he added.

Video credit: SWNS