There are already a number of niche dating websites out there – those for countryside folk, rugby lovers and horse fanatics to name but a few – but a new site is hoping to get love-seekers' engines revving.

$ aims to bring together owners of luxury sports cars and those who appreciate them – or the ‘assets’ of those who drive them.

Property developer Sangeeth Segaram, 33,  dreamt up the site when he found that the lifestyles of his supercar-owning friends were getting in the way of their dating.

Launched in June, the site aims to be “the world’s best dating arena for Supercar enthusiasts from any walk of life to share their passion for the fast lane.”

"I spoke to many female colleagues about online dating and the general consensus was that lots of men pretend to be wealthy,” Mr Segaram told The Wharf newspaper.

"$ enables efficient dating between supercar owners and companions that share a passion for the supercar lifestyle, such as Michelin dining, jet-set holidays and high-octane experiences."

Supercar dating site advert

Mr Segaram said that, while at present $ is an events-based club, its online dating element will be launched next year.

And while the site makes no bones about being a place to find wealthy partners, he argued that there was far more involved for those using it than bank balances.

"Beyond the first 10-to-15 minutes of a supercar date, the chemistry is down to the humour, charisma and personality of the dates. Owning a V12 engine isn't an antidote.

"No-one needs to date a supercar owner, but it's a question of whether you would like to try something that's different. It's whatever happens on the date that counts."

Mr Segaram owns a Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 Roadster but won’t be using the site’s services – he is already in a long-term relationship with a supercar enthusiast.