Fun-loving over-50s are casting aside their inhibitions on holiday as they embrace the opportunity to behave badly, according to a new survey.

Body image, shyness and money woes are all being left behind as liberated middle-aged Brits cut loose on holiday and get up to all sorts of misdemeanours that they’d never dream of doing at home.

Travel and insurance specialist Staysure asked 10,000 over-50s about their favourite activities on holiday – and many confessed to behaving very differently than at home.

Almost a fifth of those surveyed go for drinks with people they’ve only just met and 12 per cent confessed to staying out all night.

Over 50s on holiday   

Fashion woes are flung out of the window as Hawaiian shirts and bum bags make a popular appearance – while clothes are cast off entirely for some, as brave over-50s Brits bare all on nudist beaches.

Some particularly frisky over-50s even confess to having a one-night stand while on tour.

Top 10 guilty holiday pleasures of the over-50s

1.            Chat with total strangers (23%)
2.            Wear swimwear all day (18%)
3.            Have a drink with a stranger (17%)
4.            Try scary new foods – e.g. insects (16%)
5.            Eat ice cream every day (13%)
6.            Stay out all night (12%)
7.            Wear a bum bag (10%)
8.            Bare all on a nudist beach (6%)
9.            Wear a Hawaiian style shirt or shorts (6%)
10.          Have a one-night stand (6%)

Staysure’s Chris Rolland said: “While people in their twenties might feel more anxious about how they look and what they do on holiday, it’s fantastic to see that middle-aged Brits are body-confident, wearing what they want and feeling as free as they should feel on holiday.

“Whether you’re chatting to strangers in Hawaiian shorts or sunbathing topless on a nudist beach, the important thing is to have fun on your holidays and live life to the full.”

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