Meet the psychic twins who claim to be possessed by ghosts who take over their hands and channel handwritten predictions onto paper.

Terry and Linda Jamieson, 50, said spirits possess their fingers and channel their thoughts onto paper.

The pair said they had predicted numerous events including the 9/11 terror attacks, the cyber attack on Sony, the Baltimore riots in the US and the Boston Marathon bombing.

The duo, who also claim to talk to dead celebrities including Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, said they started ghost writing – which they call automatic writing – in 1990.

Now they perform predictions for the year ahead every January.

Medieval script

Linda said: "The first time I stared automatic writing I was just in a restaurant.

"I started writing on the napkin.

"It was this medieval text.

"I didn't know where it was coming from at first but it was clear it wasn't me.

"It was so magical.

"Now we do it every day.

"It's like a calling."

Horrible visions

The Jamieson twins grew up in Pennsylvania, USA and had a happy childhood.

Aged 20, they started having nightmares which they claimed predicted future events.

Linda said: "We would have horrible visions while we were asleep.

"We had nightmares about the tsunami in 2004 for years before it happened."

Aged 25, Linda discovered she could channel spirits for automatic writing.

She said: "I was accessing it from another dimension. It's strange because you are conscious of what you're doing.
"Terry watched me doing it and tried herself. Then she realised she could also do it."

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The twins worked on their skills.

"We've been developing this for years," Linda said. "To begin with we'd be doing it every day.

"That's how we're able to get such specific predictions."

Soul collective

The twins say they work with spirits in a "soul collective."

We've been working with them ever since we started and that's how we're able to make our predictions."

They do this throughout their day.

The twins will both write the exact same information, even if they're in different rooms.

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Terry, discussing their yearly predictions, said: "We're so linked that we're able to do it through each other.

"We broadcast them in January so people aren't able to dispute our claims.

"It's empirical evidence.

"We do this at the same level as science.

"We regularly record our predictions and go onto the radio to tell them.
"We publish them so they're time-stamped."

Predicted 9/11

In their predictions for 2014, the twins said there would be riots in Baltimore.

In November 2014, people took to the streets to protest the killings of several black men by police officers.

They also predicted there would be a terrorist attack in Boston in 2013.

This was the year that a bomb was detonated during the Boston Marathon.

The twins predicted the 9/11 attacks in New York on air on a radio station in 2000, a year before the tragedy.

Terry said: "We were on the radio in November 1999 and we said there would be a major terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers.

"We said it would happen before 2010 and thousands would perish.

"We also said there would be attacks against other federal buildings.

"People were amazed by the detail we gave."

The twins do not charge for their yearly predictions and say they are doing a "public service."

Terry said: "We do have private sessions with some people where we charge but not many."

Dead celebrities

The twins have now written their third book speaking to celebrities who have passed away called Died Too Young.

Linda said: "We spoke to Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and other icons who died too young.

"We asked them what really happened to them.

"Princess Diana said she had chosen her destiny.

"She was thrilled with Prince George and Princess Charlotte being born.

"One of us would channel the spirit and the other would perform the automatic writing."

Psychic twins

The twins make hundreds of predictions at the beginning of each year.

Linda said: "We have so many of them occurring.

"After the 9/11 predictions, we finally had people taking us seriously."

Photo credit: Kevin Land Photogrpahs / PA Real Life

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