One of the worst things about adulting is dealing with all your laundry. Let’s face it, folding clothes is a pain in the rear end, especially when there are a million other things you would prefer to be doing.

However, all of our lazy prayers have been answered thanks to this machine that folds your laundry for you.

The new and improved FoldiMate was unveiled at this year’s CES tech show in Las Vegas. All you do is clip in your washing and the machine neatly folds and stacks it.

It looks like a pretty hefty piece of kit, but that’s probably because it has the capacity to fold a full machine load of washing in under four minutes. Not only that, but we’d put good money on the clothes coming out a lot neater than if you did it yourself.

The FoldiMate will fold most clothes, as well as towels and pillowcases. What it can’t do is small items (like socks and knickers – but do you really need them folded?) or very large and bulky items (like bed sheets or hoodies).

It makes about the same amount of noise as the average dishwasher, and considering how fast it runs, that’s unlikely to cause too much of an annoyance.

Using Foldimate

The FoldiMate is not immediately available, but the company predicts it will first be shipped in late 2019 at a cost of around $980 (£725). Sure, the price is steep, but can you really put a price on spending more precious time on the sofa, instead of doing household chores?

When you were a child imagining what the future of technology would hold, chances are you thought flying cars and hoverboards, not laundry-folding machines.

A girl using Foldimate

Sure, hoverboards might be sexier, but we’ll take laundry-folding any time. It might seem lazy, but you’ve got to admit, it’s also pretty genius.